Tuesday, April 2, 2013

From Outer Space? Quite possibly...

We are still enjoying the first few days of home openers around the league. For those of us collecting bits of cardboard with guys playing baseball on them, each day of the season opens to us like a present. Of course, if our guys do poorly or our team loses, it's more like a present from Jokey Smurf.

Speaking of Smurfs, sort of, we are stepping back a little ways to open this pack. In fact, it so happens that this pack comes from the year I graduated high school: 1987. Wow. And now, for many collectors, this would be considered "vintage."

We've got a pack of 1987 Topps Regular:

Paul Assenmacher - Braves - FREE AGENT
Juan Samuel - Phillies - FREE AGENT
Carmen Castillo - Indians (Wahoo!!) - FREE AGENT
Claudell Washington - Yankees - FREE AGENT
Donnie Moore - Angels - FREE AGENT
Tim Lollar - Red Sox - FREE AGENT
Jim Wohlford - Expos - FREE AGENT
Dennis Powell - Dodgers - FREE AGENT
Orlando Mercado - Rangers - FREE AGENT
Glenn Braggs - Brewers - FREE AGENT
Kurt Stillwell - Reds - FREE AGENT
Greg Pryor - Royals - FREE AGENT
Dwayne Murphy - Athletics - FREE AGENT
Ron Roenicke - Phillies - FREE AGENT
Gary Carter (ALL-STAR) - Mets - Paul (Wahoo!!)
Tom Candiotti - Indians (Wahoo!!) - Workman41 (Wahoo!!)
Barry Jones - Pirates - FREE AGENT

Wow. The Barry Jones card is in awful shape. The gum was partially stuck to the back, plus the oils soaked through the card completely. It is one ugly beast.  On the upside, we did manager to pull TWO cards of this pack that belong to our managers!  And, depending on your viewpoint, we also added a whole slew of folks to the Free Agent list!  Lots of players up for grabs.

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