Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tribecards from Outer Space: Green with envy

I posted an entry about the amazing box of wax packs sent over by Padrographs (, so I figured why not bust open one of these bad boys and see what's inside, right?

2006 Topps Series 2. 12 cards per pack.

Shawn Chacon - Yankees - FREE AGENT
Shawn Green - Diamondbacks - gcrl (Wahoo!!)
Alex Rios - Blue Jays - FREE AGENT
Eric Chavez - Athletics - FREE AGENT
Victor Diaz - Mets - FREE AGENT
Eric Wedge - Indians (Wahoo!) - FREE AGENT
Luis Matos - Orioles - FREE AGENT
Francisco Cordero - Rangers - FREE AGENT
Eric Byrnes - Diamondbacks - FREE AGENT
Joel Zumaya - Tigers - FREE AGENT
Todd Pratt - Braves - FREE AGENT
Checklist 1 of 3
LA Dodgers Team Card

Way to go GCRL! As for the rest of us, well, all I can say is that there a LOT of packs still to go, especially thanks to the folks donating packs to be busted during the season.

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