Monday, April 8, 2013

Tribecards from Outer Space: Open up and say ahhhh

Hey, everyone!  The pack break is further down this post. First, some business:

Tonight was the deadline for a special draft.  The results of that draft are as follows:

Player Name ParticipantName
Ryan Braun Thorzul
Yovani Gallardo Thorzul
Mat Gamel Thorzul
Khris Davis Thorzul
Eddie Matthews Thorzul
Geoff Jenkins Thorzul
J.J. Hardy Thorzul
Bill Hall Thorzul
B.J. Surhoff Thorzul
Matt Cain AdamSmith
Brian Wilson AdamSmith
Orlando Cepeda AdamSmith
Madsion Bumgarner AdamSmith
Monte Irvin AdamSmith
Rich Aurilia AdamSmith
JT Snow AdamSmith
Robby Thompson AdamSmith
Chris Heisey DanHouck
Rich Harden DanHouck
Tommy Hanson DanHouck
George Kell CattleRustler
Yu Darvish CattleRustler
Trevor Rosenthal CattleRustler
Dan Uggla CattleRustler
C.J. Wilson CattleRustler
Nelson Cruz CattleRustler

Notes regarding the results (players removed from the above draft):
Brooks Robinson - StealingHome - was misspelled. 
Ben Petrick - 2x3 Heroes
Brandon Belt - Opened on Sunday, will be in Free Agent draft
Michael Bourn - Davidinark
Hunter Pence - SamuelPair
Ichiro - Jafronious
Jeff Kent - SamuelPair
Paul Konerko - jccsst1022
Tom Glavine - Captain Canuck
Richie Sexson - Tim_Gretchen_Marriage
Roy Oswalt - Dawgbones

I updated the Manager/Player list on the Info tab above. It is now a searchable Google Spreadsheet. I hope this makes things a little easier as we go.  You can also sort it by name and find your info.

Now, let's get to the good stuff:

Tonight, I'm opening a pack of 2012 Topps Heritage. 9 Cards per pack.

Jaime Garcia - Cardinals - KerryBiggs (Wahoo!!)
Carlos Ruiz - Phillies - DawgBones (Wahoo!!)
Jonathan Lucroy - Brewers - FREE AGENT
Zach Britton - Orioles - FREE AGENT
Allen Craig ("Craig Pinches Rangers...") - Cardinals - KerryBiggs (Wahoo!!)
Alexi Casilla - Twins - FREE AGENT
Jose Bautista - Blue jays - FREE AGENT
Jason Motte - Cardinals - KerryBiggs (Wahoo!!)
Dusty Baker - Reds - FREE AGENT

Well, smokes! KerryBiggs ran away with this pack! Congrats to all the lucky managers who added cards to their respective "piles" this evening!

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