Monday, April 15, 2013

In-Season Trading for the Tribecards from Outer Space Thingy

ScottCrawford posed the following question:

"Here's a question about picks: are in-season trades of our picks possible, or would that give you ulcers on top of ulcers, Dave?"

I think in-season trades are a great idea. Of course, I can say that since we've never done them and I have no idea what kind of reaction we'll get. I need a little time to figure out how to make the trade requests happen.

Most likely, I will create a Trade Form that managers can use to propose trades. What we need to decide collectively is just WHAT is being traded. My initial thoughts were that managers could trade players only, and not specific cards. That is, I could try to trade Dillon Howard for Sandy Alomar Jr, and that would be an all-for-all proposal.  However, that is not how most of us work our collections. That is, we have a certain card we want and we have a certain card someone else wants.

Then again, I am thinking about a system similar to what eTopps has/had: Card owners submit the card(s) they have for trade plus they post the card(s) they want in exchange.

Any thoughts?


  1. Wow, I was worried about "too involved", and you went a few steps further and went toward individual cards, forms and all sorts of business!

    Let's hear it for the commish!

  2. The idea is great, as long as you are up for it!

  3. The number issue I see is that I have no real way of knowing what is a legitimate trade offer and what someone just posted as a means for spamming the system. I suppose I could limit access to just the managers through Google Forms. Hmmm. Forgive my thinking out loud. Haha! I do like the idea of having SOME kind of trade!