Monday, April 29, 2013

Free Agent Draft #4

Sorry this is so late (er, early depending on your perspective). This draft was randomized and then run through my manual collapsing snake draft.  Let's see if this works out better for folks. Of course, as I have said, the more names you pick, the better your odds. Well, in theory anyway.

This is the list after running it through

This is the list after the collapsing snake draft:

Just a reminder of how this worked. If your player was already picked, the rest of your player choices were shifted to the left to fill the gap. This was repeated as I moved down and up the rounds accordingly. As you can see, this resulted in a total of 4 rounds before all player choices were highlighted.  Luck of the draw meant some folks were shut out because their choices were drafted before I reached them in the list. That's the nature of the beast with drafts. Except for Joe Smith, all my picks were gobbled up quickly! Maybe 10 picks per draft isn't quite enough. Haha!

Here is the updated Player/Manager List: