Friday, April 26, 2013

Tribecards from Outer Space: Afternoon Delight

Hey everyone! I am doing a special "mid-day" edition of TFOS (Or whatever we're calling this! Haha!). I will most likely be late with the Free Agent Draft this evening due to my son playing in his final regular season baseball game of the year - of his Senior Year, no less!

I am going to brag a bit here: My son has grown into a wonderful baseball player. As a kid, he was afraid of the ball, got very emotional when he struck out, and actually took time away from the sport for a couple years.  When he rejoined, he had a renewed focus that has translated into him leading the team in unassisted double plays, some great clutch hitting, and serving as something of a spiritual leader for the team. I am one proud Daddy!

So, when the draft is delayed this evening, you'll know why. :-)

In the meantime, let's rip open a pack:

2009 Upper Deck SP Authentic. 5 cards per pack.

Mariano Rivera - Yankees - BrownPG (Wahoo!!)
David Wright - Mets - Paul.Hadsall (Wahoo!!)
World History Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani
Matt Holliday - Cardinals - E_Rose (Wahoo!!)
Ryan Zimmerman - Nationals - Tim_Gretchen (Wahoo!!)

Awesome! Every player has a manager, and the only card not going to a manager yet is the World History insert. Congratulations, managers! That is how I wish all the breaks went. Then again, we wouldn't have Free Agent drafts if that happened!


  1. Congrats on having a great kid! Doesn't get more important than that, does it? Even better that he can play ball.

    1. Being a Dad is pretty danged cool, I have to say. Sure, there are those times you'd like to wring a neck or two, but those moment pass and give way to those moments when you are proud to hug their necks.