Thursday, April 4, 2013

Quick Note: Managers/Players List

Hey folks! Real quick, I have added a link on the "Pack-A-Day Info" page above that points to a PDF with a list of managers and their assigned players. I will update that each week after each Free Agent draft.

I am also posting the link here, for the sake of making it easy to find this time. Just remember, after this, please visit the "Info" page above to view the picks.

Another quick note: If you would like your "Registered Name" to appear as something other than the first part of your email address, please let me know and I will fix that for you.  I've had a couple folks request that, and I have no problems doing that at all!

Stay Tuned. We've got Friday's pack to bust open and then the Free Agent Draft will start tomorrow, too!


  1. You can change mine from bsnidr to Play at the Plate. Thanks.

  2. Also, if you have the time, please change mine from mrcoach00 to P-Town Tom. Thanks!