Sunday, April 21, 2013

Padrographs, Baseball Dad, Apple Pie and Chevrolet

The other day, I posted a bunch of cards that I thought were from Padrographs. Well, at least SOME of them were. Some of them may have also been from a recent bubbleope from Baseball Dad. You see, somewhere in my disorganization, I think I mixed two piles of cards together.  What tipped me off? Well, I found the bubbleope, for one thing. I also found a stack of cards that I knew were from Baseball Dad because they have a variety of Arkansas Travelers in them. Rut Roh!

The cards are not as random as one might believe. In addition to the Travelers, he also threw in the Red Sox player (Zupcic) who was born in my hometown of Pittsburgh three years before I was. And, of course, since he was sure I "already owned a Bob Feller rookie card," he tossed in some other Tribers.  As far as I know, I do not own the Feller rookie.

If I mixed up the piles, please accept my apologies! In either case, THANK YOU goes out to Baseball Dad for some very cool cards!!

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