Friday, April 5, 2013

Free Agent Draft!

UPDATE (to the updated update): Please use the following link for the *NEW AND IMPROVED* Free Agent Draft form:

UPDATE: I believe the comments regarding the 'free-for-all' format are completely valid. Mainly, there are two concerns: 1) Anyone can claim EVERY player just to snag up cards; 2) There is no current method for setting preference for any player(s).

At the time I am writing this, there were 17 responses. No one had selected all the players. I applaud your honesty and good trades-person-ship!

I am going to rework the draft, clear the responses, and re-open it.  This will not affect anything because managers were going to be randomized anyway.  As a special provision, anyone currently signed up for the draft that does not submit a new pecking order when the revamped draft closes will be assigned a random selection from the ones they chose in the free-for-all.

I appreciate everyone's input, and am willing to adjust if I see it evens the playing field. I believe these changes will do just that.

UPDATE 2: So, it turns out, I cannot even export results with SurveyMonkey Basic. Yoy, what a mess this ended up... Okay, changing gears and getting it fixed.



Hey folks! This is our first Free Agent draft. Each week, all the players not yet chosen will be placed into a Free Agent Draft.  The draft will open on Friday and run through approximately 9pm on Sunday each week (2+ days total for each draft).

The players listed in the draft are added from pack breaks taking place Friday - Thursday.  Yes, there is a weird leap-frog thing going on there, but it all makes sense in my head. That's kinda scary, I know.

As with other drafts, this will be a straight-forward snake draft.  All managers in the draft will be randomized to set the draft order. Then players will be handed out down the line of the odd rounds and up the line in the even rounds.

Any players remaining unclaimed at the end of each weekly draft will roll over into the next draft and so on until the they are either selected or we reach the end of the regular season. At the end of the regular season, all undrafted players' cards will be randomly and evenly distributed among all managers. This means that undrafted players will be spread among as many managers as we have cards of those players. If we end up with 15 Joey Fragminter cards, then those will be split up among 15 managers randomly.

(Link removed while I work out a change in the format)


  1. Is there any way to set preferences? If I want one guy WAY more than the other guy, can I put him in the 1st round? A la, Johnny Damon over Joe Randa?

  2. Let me be clear I'm not complaining about the format of how I get free cards, just throwing out some ideas :)

    Should there perhaps be a limit, so that no one can just tick every box and sweep up all the leftovers each week? Or maybe let people set however many they want, but only do a few rounds a week. Another alternative would be to order them, as suggested by Josh D., so that if he wants Johnny Damon more than I do, he'll get him even if I put every player in my draft queue.

  3. I agree completely with both comments. So, maybe I should set it where you can only pick your Top 5 or Top 10 prospects each week instead of a free-for-all. I had thought about the fact that you can't pick a priority. I think I am going to rethink this. Hopefully I won't upset too many people, but I see the flaws in the current format far outweigh any positives.