Friday, April 26, 2013

Tribecards Free Agent Draft #4

Hey, everyone! Well, it turned out that a rain storm prevented my son from playing in his last regular game of the season. We haven't heard if there will be a make-up game or not before the regionals start.

In the meantime, Here are a couple interesting facts about the Tribecards from Outer Space giveaway so far:

  • There are currently 83 Free Agents available to choose from!
  • There have been 748 different players revealed during our breaks.
  • The Top 5 Drafters are: BoRosny, Josh.Denhartog, Backstop.Cards, Dawgbones, and Thorzul. That is, they are the managers with the most players in their roster.
  • According to a rough check, DanHouck and Workman are tied for the most cards owned (11 by my mostly-accurate count).  So, as you can see, having the most players drafted does not necessarily equal more cards in your stack.
Enough of the chit-chat, I know, I know. You want the Free Agent Draft #4.  We will choose up to 10 players. This week, I will give the collapsing snake draft another try and see how it goes. Regardless of the style of draft, the way to get more players is to select more players. Some of us (I am in this group) choose less than a handful in the draft. That greatly reduces the odds of actually getting our drafted players, no matter how you cut it. Some folks select 10 players every time, thus increasing their chances of getting more cards. Food for thought.

Here is the link to this week's Free Agent Draft:

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