Saturday, September 13, 2008

We have our winners! or do we? (9/13)

I took the night off last night to spend the time with my wife on her birthday!!

Before we get into today's playoffs, WhiteSoxCards came up with the answer I was looking for in the trivia question. I purposely did not use the phrase "hit for the cycle" because that would have made (re)searching a tad easier. Yeah, I know, most of my readers know what it means to hit for the cycle and did their own translation, I'm sure, but that was still a little 'work' for ya! :-) The first Cleveland player to hit for the cycle was ------- Larry Twitchell in 1889. There was some discussion regarding 'franchises' and that is where the 'trick' part of the question comes in. I purposely said "which Cleveland" and no "Which Indians." Ain't I a stinker?

The first Cleveland player was Twitchell. That was in the days of the Spider/Blues. The first Nap to do it was Bill Bradley and the first Indians player was Earl Averill.

WhiteSoxCards receives a 1999 Just Minors auto'd Michael Barrett (serial #166/200)!

Now, let's get to the business that brought all here together today in the first place: SCRATCHCARD CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYOFFS!!

Playoff Match 1 - Joey vs Dayf - Joey's eight players were able to generate a two-run lead last time. He's already got one win in the playoffs. Can he seal the deal here, or will Dayf bring down the rain like Hurricane IKE? The Braves bring out their big dogs:

Number 29 - First batter flies out to right
Number 4 - A single up the middle!
Number 16 - Batter goes down swinging (strikeout)
Number 28 - Batters gets walked - two men on base!
Number 1 - It's a triple! That brings in two runs to tie the game!
Number 22 - It's a double and the runner scores for the win!
Number 13 - (just for fun - it's a single)
Number 9 - (again for fun - a triple)

Dayf grabs the win (3-2) with a runner to spare! Congratulations to Dayf and the Braves! Joey's Rangers put up a good fight, but proved to be no match for Dayf's mad-scratchdusting skills. For his win, Dayf receives 2002 Topps Gold Label Class 1 Gold Wilson (Willie) Betemit (serial #251/500 - card 185)! Joey gets a 2000 Pacific Prism John valentine (serial #269/480 - card 25)! Way to go guys!

Dayf's record is 1-0, and Joey is 1-1. It all comes down to the Braves and Orioles game to see who moves on to the final round!

Playoff Match 2 - Joey vs Erin - Joey won, Erin was not able to come back (final score 3-2). As mentioned above, Joey's record is 1-1 and Erin's is 0-1. Let's see what happens in Match 3.

Playoff Match 3 - Dayf vs Erin - Dayf scored a run in his at-bat. Let's see how the Orioles girls fare here!

Number 19 - A lead-off game-tying HOME RUN! Holy Smokes!
Number 23 - a single to get another on base
Number 4 - the batter flies out to center
Number 28 - the batter goes down on strikes
Number 14 - a game-winning triple! The Orioles win!
Number 1 - (for fun - batter grounds out to third)
Number 20 - (for fun - home run to clear the bases)
Number 5 - (for fun - the batter walks)

The Orioles grab a triple to take the game away from Dayf's Braves (final 3-2). Congratulations to Erin's Orioles who pulled off a win, bringing everyone's record to 1-1!! For her win, she snags a 2001 Pacific Private Stock Randy Johnson (serial #09/90 - card 7)! Dayf pulls a 2008 UD Piece of History Timeless Moments John Smoltz (serial 036/149 - card TM-3)!

For the record, prizes were pulled randomly from my stack of serial #d cards. I have to admit, I find it very 'spooky' that Dayf pulled TWO Braves cards from the prize pool!! Way to go!

Okay, so my Championship Playoff idea did not solve the problem. My wife suggested I add up the total points scored by each team. Let's see how that pans out:

Dayf - 3+2
Erin - 2+3
Joey - 2+3

Well, that's not going to work either... ROTFL... Wow, I had no idea things would get so tight here at the end!

Okay, here is what I'm going to do... Let's try a ONE-CARD, THREE-TEAM super playoff. Here is the way this is going to work: The first player to respond gets his or her pick of NINE SPOTS from a new, clean card. The second player picks NINE SPOTS from the remaining spots on the SAME CARD. Then, the third player will pick NINE SPOTS from what's left over on that same card. Be sure not to pick the same spot as another player! If a player chooses the same spot as another player, the first player to pick the spot gets it and the second person will receive an out. The two players with the most runs AND fewest outs will advance to the championship.

ALL THREE PLAYERS, please respond to this post with your selections. Remember to check the comments before you choose, so you can be sure not to pick the same spots as someone else! :-)


  1. 23, 4, 19, 32, 1, 27, 12, 21, 5

    Let's hope going first means big wins.

  2. Man what a series. Okay here we go. I ain't fooling, just giving the numbers.


  3. You guys left me all the good spaces :)

    Here's my lineup:

    Leadoff: LF Otis "my man" Nixon - 31
    2 spot: 1B The Crime Dog Fred McGriff - 28
    3 hole: SS Chipper Jones (yes, shortstop) - 10
    Clean up: RF Hammerin' Hank Aaron - 8
    Protection for Hank: 3B Eddie Mathews - 13
    More Protection: CF Dale Murphy - 3
    Can't walk Murph: C Brian McCann - 16
    8th but DEADLY: 2B "Mr Clutch" Mark Lemke - 20
    THE PITCHER: Warren "35 home runs" Spahn - 25

    I smell a championship!

  4. hmm... you may have been thinking Cleveland, but you actually did say Indians.

    Go Erin!