Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Midday Trivia

While we are between at-bats in the tournament, I decided to offer up a trivia question to the readers out there. It's open to EVERYONE (readers, ex-players, current players, friends, family, pets....)!! It has multiple parts, and EACH PART will have it's own winner and if you know the answer to more than one part, you can answer each part (or feel free to make guesses). The first person to answer a part correctly wins a prize for that part. Look at the picture below:

Answer these:

Part 1 - What is the name given to the defensive position depicted?

Part 2 - Who is the person credited for creating this defensive position?

Part 3 - For whom is this defensive position named?

Part 4 - What happened to the namesake batter the first time this was used?

Part 5 - What "once-in-his-lifetime" event resulted from the namesake batter taking advantage of this defensive position?

Part 6 - On which baseball card (year and brand) does this image originally appear?

Credit will only be given as long as the answer is preceded by the Part Number. For Example: Part 1 - Jumbo's Hot Dogs, Part 2 - Got Hit By Lightning, etc.

Good luck and happy hunting! Remember, you can answer any part (1-6) to win (you do NOT have to answer all the parts!).


  1. Part 1 - Williams Shift

    Part 2 - Lou Boudreau

    Part 3 - Ted Williams

    Part 4 - He walked on four straight pitches.

    Part 5 - Ted Williams' one and only inside the park home run.

  2. Repeating White Sox cards here:

    Part 1: Williams Shift

    Part 2: Lou Boudreau

    Part 3: Ted Williams

    Part 4: He walked on four straight pitches.

    Part 5: He clinched 1946 pennant by hitting an inside-the-park home run to left field against the Indians.

    Part 6: I'll guess and say the 1959 Fleer Ted Williams set.

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  3. Man, you've got to love Boudreau, don't you? Can you imagine the guts it took to pull a crazy stunt like that?