Friday, September 5, 2008

Trivial Matters and more scratch-off action! (9/5)

Okay, so the latest trivia question asked who were the three Indians to be named league MVP. Joey was the first to answer. He had different players than I had expected, but after some research, it can actually be concluded that there were FOUR league MVPs in an Indians uniform. Joey listed Lou Boudreau - 1948, Al Rosen - 1953 Unanimous Decision, and Lew Fonseca - 1929 by the Baseball Writers Association. There is actually another player that is "officially" recognized as a league MVP.

Joey wins a prize for his answer - a 2001 Pacific Private Stock Authentic Game-used Gear Ellis Burks jersey card!

Now, the next person (sorry Joey, you've already won for this question) who responds with the other "official" MVP will win an auto'd or game-used card!

Round 2 Match 1 - Chris(M)'s Giants are ready to bat in the top of the third, but they are behind Joey's Rangers 4-3. Hot Dog man is on first base and there are no outs yet. Number 24 comes to the plate to face the pitcher. Here's the throw. The batter hits a pop fly to first for an out. With one away, Number 8 steps in to take on the Rangers. He knocks the ball into deep right field, and by now we all know what tends to do... You guessed it! Number 8 sends the Hot Dog man home as he gets in there for a triple! The game is tied at 4 runs each and one out in the top of extras innings. Up next, we'll watch and see if Number 23 can keep things going. He fouls off the first pitch. He swings and misses on the next pitch. The third pitch catches the batter looking. That's two outs with a runner on third. Can Number 10 get that runner off the base? The pitcher throws and Ten hits it high into the air to the center fielder for an easy pop out to end things for the Giants this inning.

The Giants managed to score a run, and remain in the tournament! If Joey can score here, his Rangers will advance to the next round.

Joey, with the score tied at four, which six players do you choose to help move you along? 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 09, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32

Round 2 Match 2 - Dayf and Madding have been going at it hard in this tournament and now Dayf is losing 4-3 as his team comes to bat in the bottom of the fourth. He picks Number 8 to start things off. The lead-off hit nets the batter a triple! It's amazing how many triples we've seen here in this tournament. With no one out, Dayf has a good chance of tying this up or even taking the game altogether! Number 17 comes into the game. The pitcher sends the first one down and the batter sends it foul into the stands. The next pitch misses the plate for ball one. The hometown fans get out of their seats, cheering on the batter. The 1-1 pitch misses outside and now the pitcher has fallen behind. Two balls, one strike. Seventeen sets and is ready for the pitch. It's tight inside and now the pitcher is way behind. He throws a heater right down the middle, but the batter lays off it. So, the full count here with a runner on third. Here's the pitch. It's juuuust a bit outside - he walks the batter and the runner on third scores (remember, wii rules)!

That ties the game 4-4 with no outs. The audience roars and the noise is completely deafening. Number 10 emerges from the dugout and the crowd continues to cheer. The noise must be too loud for the pitcher because he walks this batter in just four pitches. Runners on first and second now. We're in the bottom of the fourth. The game-winning run is on second. Number 24 steps into the batter's box. He hits the ball back to the pitcher for a ground out. The runners get back before anything else can happen. (This is one of those times when you just have to accept the fact that this is a fictional scratch-off game) That'll bring up Number 18 with one out in the inning. The pitcher throws what could bring Madding one step closer to ending the inning. The batter swings and he .... gets... ALL OF THIS ONE! The ball screams over the fence, out of the park into the stands!

Dayf wins the game in extra innings! What a game for the hometown crowd! Madding's Cardinals hung in there for most of the game, but just couldn't fend off the scratchcard dust... Awesome game, guys!

Dayf advances to Round Three and he also receives a 2005 Bowman All-Star Futures of the Game jersey card of Andy Marte (FGG-AMA). Madding wins a 2007 Upper Deck Antiquity Artifacts Authentic Materials game-used Justin Morneau (serial #026/199) (card AA-MO)! Congratulations to both to you!

Round 2 Match 3 - Welcome back to the third game in this round of tournament action. The Orioles lead ChrisB 3-2 going into the bottom of the second inning. First up is Number 19. The pitcher might need a GPS because he can't find his location and ends up walking the lead-off batter. Orioles Number 15 walks to the plate next. The pitcher takes the sign from the catcher, who evidently also hands the pitcher a GPS after all... Not only does the pitcher hit the mark, he sends the batter back to the dugout without so much as a swing of the bat! Three strikes that leave the batter baffled. That's the first out and Number 27 comes up with a runner on base. Here's the pitch. Twenty-Seven swings. She hits the ball on the sweet spot, sending it over the fence for a two-run homer! The Orioles increase their lead to 5-2 in the second with one out.

With the bases empty, Twenty-Nine heads for the plate next. The pitcher gets his focus and strikes the batter out for out number two. Erin sends in Number 8, hoping to stay alive in the inning. The batter swings at the pitch and sends it over the third baseman's head for a single. Two outs, a runner on base, and the Orioles call in Numero Uno. She sends the ball into deep, deep right-center and slides into second for a double!

Erin, you've still got room to move here in the second. Two runners on base and two outs. You get to pick six more girls to try to keep the inning rolling: 06, 09, 16, 18, 20, 26, 28, 29, 32


  1. Holy Schneikes, I thought I was done for... Good 'ol #18 saves the day!

  2. Come on boys lets end it here:

    #5 Ian Kinsler
    #7 David Murphy
    #32 Josh Hamilton
    #2 Taylor Teagarden
    #22 Marlon Byrd
    #19 Chris Davis