Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Championship reaches halfway point! (9/16)

Good evening, folks! We've reach the halfway point of the championship match. Dayf's Braves grabbed an early three-run lead in the first inning, and so far they've been able to sustain it.

Erin's Orioles kept the Braves from scoring in the beginning of this inning, and now they're up to bat, hoping to close the gap. Let's take a look at tonight's line up: 4, 29, 32, 5, 12, and 18.

Now, we've seen these players before in the tournament, and some have done very well. Others have been struggling, but now may be their time to shine!

First up is Number 4. The Braves have taken the field and the batter comes up to the plate. The pitcher comes in with an offspeed pitch to start and the batter hits a long fly ball to center. The fielder is under it for the out.

One down and Number 29 steps in. Here's the first pitch and the batter sends it flying down the right foul line, but it dips foul into the crowd. We've seen plenty of foul balls during this tourney, and I'm sure there will be at least a few more before it's all over. The pitcher winds up and throws. The batter jumps out early and misses for the second strike. Both teams have battled through some tough spots to get to the finals, but so far this one is a shutout. Here's the pitch. OH! The batter gets caught standing there and the ump calls for the third strike.

That is two up and two down here in the bottom of the second inning. The Orioles fans have really quieted down here... In fact, I'd have to guess that the majority are sitting in their seats, while the Braves fans have continued showing the love to their team. The third batter up this evening is Number 32. Being the last spot on the scratch-card has not slowed down this batter in previous games. Let's see how she does here. Oh MY! She knocks this pitch deep into left field. She's around first. The ball takes a bad lick off the wall and shoots back into the field, bouncing past the fielder. The batter rounds second and the coach tells her to stop, but she keeps coming. The center fielder has the ball and throws to third. Thirty-Two hits the dirt and beats the throw! It's a triple!

Now the Orioles fans are back on their feet after that one! They've got a runner on base in perfect scoring position. The Braves don't seem bothered by it at all as the get ready for Number 5 to come out of the dugout. There's some last-minute coaching from Erin before Number Five gets into the batter's box. The pitcher winds up and throws. The ball is fouled off down the third base line. The next pitch is fouled off, too. Number Five is behind 0-and-2. The pitcher loses track of the strike zone and sends down three more balls in a row for a full count. Two outs, runner on third, and the Orioles trail three nothing. Here's the pitch... It's fouled off behind the catcher. The batter is not giving up easily, that's for sure. She's got some spunk! The pitcher takes the sign. He winds up... And WALKS the batter to first! Following the rules of the game, the runner on third advances to home for the run!

The Orioles are now down by two. They've got two outs and the tying run comes to the plate. Number 12 adjusts her helmet and faces the pitcher. The pitcher throws and the batter sends the ball foul into the crowd. The next pitch misses wide and the count is 1-and-1. The fans for both teams are cheering wildly and everyone is on their feet! Here's the throw... Swing, and a miss... Two strikes... The pitcher winds... And the batter goes down on strikes to end the inning.

The Orioles grab a run in the bottom of the inning as we head into the final inning of the championship! Dayf's Braves lead 3-1 and are hoping to increase the distance between them and the O's!

Dayf, select the SIX SPOTS that you feel will seal the fate of the Orioles in the Scratchcard Championship! 03, 08, 10, 11, 13, 14, 21, 24, 26, 30

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  1. Ok, crunch time. Gotta put some thought into this.

    Leadoff batter - 24 Deion Sanders (because #1 Otis Nixon's gone already)
    2 - 8 Yogi Berra (Ted Turner offered him a job in the '80s, so he's a Brave to me)
    3 - 10 Chipper Jones
    4 - 3 Dale Murphy
    5 - 30 Orlando Cepeda
    6 - 21 Warren Spahn