Monday, September 8, 2008

The end of Round 2 - The Fight for the Championship begins! (9/8)

Round 2 Match 3 - ChrisB comes up in the third and his team is behind by three runs, trailing 5-2 against Erin and her Orioles. He's a bench full of batters eager to make it through to the next round. Let's see what happens here!

Batting first is Number 10. The pitcher throws and she gets the batter to fly out to center. That's a hard way to start things off. Let's see if Number 26 can get things going. Here's the pitch, and it's another fly ball to the center fielder.

Two down and it is not looking good for ChrisB's team right now. Third up is Number 20. The fate of his team rests on his shoulders. Will the scratchcard dust be full of magic or mayhem? The pitcher throws. The hit is sent to deep left field. The fielder runs toward the ball and dives.... She's got it! The Orioles win! The Orioles win!

Erin's Orioles hang on to the lead and carry themselves through to the next round! For her win, she grabs a 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Game-use jersey Mariano Rivera! ChrisB grabs a 2008 Upper Deck Series 1 Game-used jersey Ian Snell! Congratulations to both of you!

Now that we have our three finalists, we're moving into the mini-championship seeding matches!

Joey, Dayf, and Erin will all choose TEN PLAYERS from each of their respective brand-new cards. Each of you has 32 players fresh off the bench to come to bat in the one-inning playoff! After each half-inning ends, then we will move to the bottom of the inning where the other team will get a chance to show their stuff. Good luck!

Game 1 - Joey vs Dayf (Joey picks ten to start)

Game 2 - Erin vs Joey (Erin picks ten to start)

Game 3 - Dayf vs Erin (Dayf picks ten to start)

As in the other round, I will post scans of prizes and scratchcards soon!


  1. Lets go with.... #5 Ian Kinsler, #10 Michael Young, #32 Josh Hamilton, #19 Chris Davis, #17 Nelson Cruz, #2 Taylor Teagarden, #21 Milton Bradley, #25 Buddy Bell, #15 Gerald Laird and #9 Hank Blalock.

    Go Get'em Boys!

  2. 10, 13, 18, 8, 21, 11, 3, 6, 32, 3

    Hey Joey, e-mail me. I have a bunch of Pudge and Rangers cards I want to send your way. E-mail addy is in my profile.

  3. 4, 19, 23, 12, 31, 11, 3, 27, 10, 5