Saturday, September 13, 2008

I stand corrected!

Hold the phone, folks! Madding pointed out the fact that I had actually stated "INDIANS" in the trivia question, though I was thinking "CLEVELAND!"

So, here's what I'm going to do: Everyone that answered the trivia question prior to TODAY gets a prize because this was my fault!

So, WhiteSoxCards has his prize selected. Madding and Voltaire, here are your prizes: Madding receives a 2001 Fleer Focus Prospects Red Foil Eric Byrnes (serial #1820/1999) and Voltaire gets a 2001 Topps Gold Dan Wilson (serial #0834/2002)!!

Thank you very much to Madding for pointing out my error! Good eye!!


  1. Nice, thanks! I swear I wasn't angling for a prize or anything... the question was just driving me crazy and I thought I was missing something.

  2. Madding - Oh, I never thought of it as angling for a prize!! I really thought I had said "Cleveland" in order to make it harder... LOL... I need to upgrade the proofreading software in my head!!