Thursday, September 11, 2008

More playoff action!! (9/11)

Alright, folks, we have got some serious playoff action going here! I've ramped up the scratching, so tonight, we are letting the dust fly!

Playoff Match 1 - Joey vs Dayf - Neither team scored in the first inning, so tonight Joey will play eight spots to see what kind of damage he can do before Dayf gets his own crack at the plate.

Joey gets creative in his scratchcard selections:

#07 Lonnie Line Drive - Ground out
#25 Hot Corner Harry - Strike out
#24 Speedy Sammy Sneedy - Strike out (good thing we changed things up!)
#30 Triple Play Troy - Pop out (ouch, four outs in a row!?)
#02 Homer Hank - Triple! That's a runner in scoring position!
#20 Grand Slam Baker - HOME RUN! It's a two-run homer for Grand Slam Baker!
#27 Pinch Hit Peter - Fly out
#17 Big Fly Moses - Pop out

Joey snags two runs in a 'middle-of-the-pack' home run shot! The Rangers lead the Braves, but they also managed to reveal a LOT of outs. How will that affect Dayf's choices and reveals? Let's find out!

Dayf, you're down by two, but six of eight Ranger scratches were outs. Who would you like to do your bidding? Pick your EIGHT: 01, 04, 06, 09, 11, 12, 13, 1, 15, 16, 21, 22, 26, 28, 29, 31

Playoff Match 02 - Yesterday, Joey defeated Erin but they both left with some nice additions to their respective prize pools!

Playoff Match 03 - Dayf vs Erin - We're in the top of the second inning here as Dayf's team takes their chance at the plate. We saw them give up two runs moments ago to Joey. Will they be able to put some tally marks on this game's score board or will Erin's Orioles hold them off? Here we go!

Number 6 - It's a lead off double! That's a runner ready to score!
Number 29 - Strike out
Number 3 - Pop out
Number 25 - Strike out (three outs in a row... ouch)
Number 17 - Strike out
Number 7 - Single! That advances the runner to third. Runners on the corners!
Number 24 - Double! That scores the runner on third and leaves men on 2nd & 3rd!
Number 11 - Fly out

The Braves leave two men stranded, but do manage to get one across the plate before running out of batters!

Erin trails by a run as her Orioles come up to bat in the bottom of the second. Which "eight (wo)men out" will she pick? 01, 02, 04, 05, 12, 14, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 28, 30, 31

We're getting close to a winner in the trivia question from yesterday, too! Keep your eyes on that post (or this one) to see when we get the correct, final answer!


  1. Larry Twitchell hit for the cycle with the Cleveland Spiders in 1889.

  2. The Spiders were apparently a different franchise, however. Semantics, I know...

  3. 19, 23, 4, 28, 14, 1, 20, 5

    Come on, girls ...

  4. The Spiders turned into a AA team near the end. That's the only Cleveland player that I can see hitting a cycle before Bradley.

  5. argh! left men on base in the playoffs! I really am the Braves.

    29, 4, 16, 28, 1, 22, 13, 9

  6. Unless, it's a trick question. It could mean that Nap Lajoie hit for the cycle in 1901 for the Philadelphia Athletics, who was later on the Naps which became the Indians after he left.

    I'm probably reading waaaay to much into the question though.

  7. Must be awesome to get a team to name themselves after you...

  8. WhiteSoxCards - Twitchell is player I was looking for! Yes, the other players did hit for the cycle also, and in a weird way, they were the 'first' for their Cleveland team, but Twitchell is the first recorded Cleveland player that I found to hit for the cycle.

    Near the end, yeah, you were overthinking it... :-)