Thursday, September 18, 2008

Third Inning Action - Does it all end here?? (9/18)

Dayf has a man on third with two outs here in the top of the third inning. From the looks of things, this match is going to an extra card and we'll see about extra innings, depending on what Erin and her Orioles do when (or maybe *IF*) the Braves are sent out of the inning...

Dayf calls in Number 13 to come to bat next. Number Thirteen proves to be unlucky for the Braves as Erin's pitcher sends him back to the dugout in a 1-2-3 strike out.

The Braves take their 6-1 lead into the bottom of the third inning here tonight. Erin only has four players to choose from on this card: 18, 26, 11, 14

She's submitted her batting order and we get rollin...

Number 18 comes up first. The Orioles fans are cheering on their team, trying to get a rally started! The pitcher throws. The batter sends the ball deep to left, but this one doesn't have the legs to leave the park and it drops into the fielder's glove for an out. There's a simultaneous "Oooohhh..." and a raucous cheer from the crowd as both sides react to that one.

One out and the only sound coming from the bases is that of crickets. Here's Number 26 up to bat next. The pitcher nods at the sign from the catcher. He winds up and throws. The batter smacks the ball in there for a single up the first base line!

That'll bring up Number 11 batting third. She's got a runner on base and there's one out in the inning. You cannot count the Orioles out of this match until the last out is called, as we have seen at various times during this competition. Here's the pitch to Eleven... Swing and a miss. The pitcher checks the runner. He throws and the batter takes strike two. The batter looks a little nervous. The pitcher throws the 0-2 pitch and the breaking ball gets the batter looking for strike three.

The last spot on the card comes up next. There are two outs and a runner on first. This next scratch is HUGE. If it's an out, the championship match will end with a Braves victory. Anything else and the Orioles will have a full card to continue the game! This is where the cleats meet the dirt, folks! The fans are cheering, yelling, you name it!! This place is ROCKIN!

Number 14 walks to the batter's box. The pitcher throws and the ball is fouled off. The next pitch misses wide and the count is even. Here in the bottom of the third, this pitch slides past the batter's swing and it's strike two. 1-and-2 the count. The pitcher winds up and throws. It's a ball inside and he evens up the count again. The 2-2 pitch is fouled off into the third base crowd, and the batter stays in the game here. Here's the wind up, and the pitch... The batter gets a piece of it! The ball heads between first and second, but the second base man makes a HUGE diving stop and gets the ball over to the first baseman for the final out!

BRAVES WIN! BRAVES WIN!! DAYF takes his team to a 6-1 victory over the Orioles!

Incredibly, the entire tournament came down to the last spot on the card! Congratulations to both Dayf and Erin for hanging in there through the whole tournament and for a GREAT game of (scratch-card) baseball!!

To the victors go the spoils, and here is what our Champion and Runner-up will be receiving:

Dayf, for winning the whole shootin' match, you win a 2007 UD Legendary Cuts Masterful Materials Gaylord Perry game-used jersey (MM-GP), 2002 Topps Gold Label MLB Awards Ceremony Roberto Alomar game-used bat Class 1 Gold (ACR-RA), 2002 Donruss Classics Significant Signatures Steve Belcher auto'd card (serial #417/500 - card 415), AND 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter mini game-used jersey Carlos Zambrano (AGR-CZ)!! You will also receive a special "web button" (for placement on your site or where ever you'd like) commemorating your win! Congratulations on being the first-ever Tribecards scratch-off tournament winner!!

Erin, no need to hang your head! You fought hard and hung in there until the very end! You also walk away with a few cards yourself: 2001 Upper Deck Yankees Dynasty game-used DUAL jersey card of Joe Girardi and David Cone (YJ-GC), 2008 SPX Winning Materials J.D. Drew jersey card (serial 058/125 - card WM-JD), AND 1999 UD Authentics Signatures Alex Gonzales auto'd card!

Thanks to EVERYONE that participated in the scratch-card tournament! Your prizes will be mailed within the next couple days (most likely on Saturday), so be looking in your mailboxes!

I'll be back after a commercial break with some final thoughts!
(I'll kick out a new post for those thoughts)

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  1. Wow, those are some sweet prizes. Love the Perry.