Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Catching up on trades!

I am WAY behind on posting some of the trades I've been involved with lately. But, I am hoping to make that up right now!

The first group of cards comes by way of Chris. I sent him all the Nationals cards I had at the time and he sent me a VERY nice stack of Indians cards!! I think there are even a couple team sets in here! Once I build my stash of Nationals cards back up again, I'll be offering up another trade with him for sure.

The next trade comes from Tom in Virginia. He's a Braves collector, so I sent him a slew of Braves cards in exchange for a lot of Indians items! Some of the ones that fed my craving for oddball things include a newspaper clipping from the boat accident that took two Indians' lives, a signed Carl Long baseball card, and some very cool inserts and vintage cards!

The last trade I have for you today comes from across the pond, as it were. My first international trade (that I can recall, anyway)! John loves all things Red Sox, so I sent him a lot of Beantown items I had laying around. In return, I got several unopened packs of Phil Rizzuto's National Pasttime CHROMIUM cards! Very cool! Plus, there were a couple packs of 2003 Victory and a stack of Indians cards!

THANKS to each of you for helping me continue to build me Tribe collection!!

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