Thursday, September 4, 2008

Round Two - Extra Cards, Extra Innings, Extra Fun! (9/4)

First of all, since I've had NO response to the trivia question I posed the other day, I am opening it up to the first person that responds. Period. Who are the only three Indians to have been name league MVP? You get it right, you win a card. Good luck and happy researching!

Round 2 Match 1 - Joey and Chris(M) have quite a stalemate going on here, so Joey calls up some "minor league flair" to see if they're ready for the Bigs. To start off the bottom of the second, the Rangers bring in #30 Jason Ellison. The Giants pitcher sends down the first pitch. Ellison swings, sending the ball straight to the right fielder for a fly out. One down, and Joey sends in #26 John Mayberry to the plate next. So far, the waters here are stagnant. Let's see if Mayberry can stir things up. Here's the pitch. Mayberry swings, and sends this one straight to the right fielder for fly out. Whoa. Anyone else getting that deja vu feeling here? Perhaps its time to bring in out a veteran. As #25 Buddy Bell comes up to bat, the crowd erupts into a standing ovation. It's been a while since we've seen him in action. The Giants seem completely unaffected as they make their defensive shift.

The pitcher winds up and throws. Bell takes the pitch for a called strike. The next pitch comes in, just missing the outside part of the plate. The 1-1 pitch is delivered, and Bell sends the ball on a one-way trip into the outfield bleachers, breaking the tie! The crowd goes wild! Rangers take the lead 4-3 with two outs. Let's see if the next batter has enough game. #21 Milton Bradley takes his turn at the plate. Will he be headed to Candyland? Can he Connect Four bases for a home run? Or will he be the Downfall of the inning? Here's the pitch... Splat! Bradley sends the ball over the pitcher's head into deep center field. There's Trouble in the outfield and the batter reaches second for a double. Two outs with a runner on second as #17 Nelson Cruz steps in. The Giants throw and Cruz pops the ball into the air. The second baseman gets under it for the out to end the inning.

The Rangers score a run, but leave a man stranded in the second inning.

There is only one spot left on this card, so I will play Chris(M)'s first at-bat in the top of the third. The Rangers take the field as the Giants come up to bat. Let's go ahead and let #31 the Hot Dooooogggggg Man get his shot at ball-playing glory. The Rangers pitcher seems a bit torn. After all, he wants to strike out the batter for his team, but this IS the Hot Dog guy.... He winds up and throws. Hot Dog man swings and it's a hit! Well, sorta... He takes off running as the Rangers scramble to grab the "bunt." He beats the throw at first and is on base! The crowd cheers him on, even though he is potentially the game-tying run!

So, we're here in the top of the third and this game has gone to a NEW scratch-off card! The Rangers lead 4-3 and Chris(M) has a runner on first.

Chris(M), you're up and you have a brand-new, unscratched, unsearched card at your disposal! Choose six spots out of 32 available!

Round 2 Match 2 - The game is tied 3-3 and Madding has a runner on third with no outs. Dayf managed to bring his team back from elimination. Can he keep that runner on third for the entire inning? Madding is hoping not! Next up is Number 23 Brian Barden to try and drive that runner home. The pitcher throws and the batter swings and misses for a strike. The next pitch misses the mark and Barden takes ball one. The pitcher eyes the runner on third, turns and pitches. Barden hits the ball up the middle for a run-scoring base hit! The Cardinals take the lead 4-3 here in the fourth. Up next is Number 13 Brendan Ryan. Ryan makes himself at home and waits for the pitch. And he waits to swing, taking strike one. The pitcher makes the next pitch and the batter is evidently a little too comfortable at the plate because he lets this go right by him for another strike. The pitcher takes his sign. Here's the pitch... The batter swings! But, he fails to connect and is struck out.

One run scored, one runner on base and one out. Batting third is Number 3 Cesar Izturis. He gets up to the plate and the pitcher throws. It's a swing and a miss. The pitcher seems to be on a roll here. His next pitch catches the batter reacting too slowly for another swinging strike. The next pitch is fouled off. The batter gets ready and the pitcher misses the plate for ball one. The count is 1-2 with one out. The pitcher hurls in a fastball that the batter never sees. He, too, goes down on strikes. Batting cleanup, Number 7 Adam Kennedy steps up to see if he can bring in another run here. Or, for that matter, just get on base. The pitcher throws and Kennedy comes out swinging. He gets a great piece of this one, sending it deep into left field. He has to stop at second and the other runner advances to third. Two outs and Number 22 Felipe Lopez has runners ready to extend the lead. Can he make that happen? Here's the throw. It's a hit! But, it's not hard enough to get outta here, and the second baseman makes the easy out.

We head into the bottom of the fourth, but not before Madding scores a run.

Dayf comes up to bat in the bottom of the fourth inning. He's down by one. He's been here before, though, so we'll see if he can make a repeat performance!

Dayf will have to pick six of these players to come into the game: 01, 02, 04, 05, 06, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32

Round 2 Match 3 - Erin's Orioles have the lead as ChrisB comes to bat in the top of the second inning. He trails 3-1, but is pretty confident in his team. He checks the roster and sends Number 09 into the game. The pitcher sends down the first pitch, and the batter lets it go by for strike one. He's got a feel for what this pitcher is willing to do here now, so let's see how he fares. The next pitch is a little off the mark and the ump calls ball one. The next pitch is fouled off into the stands. The pitcher gives the batter her best stuff and he jumps out early, striking out in the process. ChrisB calls on Number 24 to bat next. Here's the pitch. The batter swings and he drops the ball into the gap between the shortstop and the outfield. That'll get him a single.

One out. One on. The tying run comes to bat. Number 14 looks to face the Orioles next. He knocks the ball deep into the right field corner - the bane of every defense in this tournament! He drives in the runner as he comes to third for a stand-up triple! ChrisB pulls within one run of tying things up here. With only one out so far, Number 17 has a chance to make that happen. The batter gets ready. The pitch comes down. He sends the ball in a line drive shot to the third baseman who makes a reflex-action catch! That's two outs and things are getting tougher here for ChrisB in this inning. Number 30 walks to the batter's box and he looks nervous. The first pitch is inside - ball one. The batter fouls the next pitch off and evens up the count. The batter swings at the next pitch and he sends it out to right field, and the fielder grabs it to end the top of the inning.

ChrisB scored a run in that inning and now is only one run behind. Erin's Orioles lead 3-2 as she comes up in the bottom of the second.

Erin, which girls are you sending into the game? Pick your six favorites: 01, 06, 08, 10, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 32


  1. Lou Boudreau - 1948
    Al Rosen - 1953 Unanimous Decision
    Lew Fonseca - 1929 by the Baseball Writers Association

  2. Man. I wanted to answer the trivia question. I got here 10 minutes too late ...

    19, 15, 27, 29, 8, 1

  3. Hi, I collect Nationals cards and I was wondering if you'd be interested in a trade for some Indians cards? I've only been collecting again for a few months, so I don't have any earth shattering rare cards or anything, but I'd be happy to send all my Indians cards for any Nats cards you might have. I just traded with a Yankee fan in this manner any my Nationals cards collection is growing nicely. :-) Anyway let me know what you think and either way thanks for your time!