Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mickey Vernon heads to the diamond in the sky

Ex-Triber Mickey Vernon passed away earlier today (September 24). Vernon made a couple appearances in the Indians Uniform Countdown. As a tribute and reminder, he was born in 1918 and played with the Indians from 1949-1950 and then again in 1958. Vernon batted .291 in his first year with the Tribe, hitting 18 homers, getting 170 hits, 27 doubles, and 83 RBIs. In his next season, he dropped to 90 at-bats with 17 hits, watching his average drop to .189. In his return to the Tribe in 1958, he got 49 runs on 104 hits while bringing in 55 RBIs. His .293 avg netted him a place on the '58 AL all-star team. He had come back to the Tribe after playing with the Senators and the Red Sox. He left the Indians for the Braves in late 1959 with a .293 average on the season.

Our hearts go out to his friends and family.

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  1. I have a post up on Mickey Vernon today also. He was from the Philadelpia area and was well liked. Unfortunately, I never got around to picking up his biography or made the time to get out to one of his autograph signings.