Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Midday Trivia Winners - already!

Remember: You will need to scroll down past this to see the latest scratch-card action (bottom of the 2nd)!

Way to go, folks! Man, you guys are making short work of my trivia questions. I'll have to try harder!

If you didn't get a chance to answer, don't worry! I'll other chances for ya!

WhiteSoxCards got 1-5 and NightOwl got number 6! Excellent!

The picture is of the Williams Shift, created by Lou Boudreau as a means to foil Ted williams. The first time it was used, Williams walked on four straight pitches. Williams proved that he did not always pull the ball by hitting a pitch over into left left for his only inside-the-park home run. the image is, in fact, from the 1959 Fleer Ted Williams set:

Both winners will receive a selection of game-used and/or serially-numbered cards. WhiteSoxCards will get five and Night Owl will get one!

Have no fear folks, and don't get discouraged if you have not won a trivia prize yet! I've got more to come!


  1. Wow, thanks! And thanks! (for adding my blog to your roll).

    Let me know if you need contact info.

  2. Night Owl, yes please send me your contact info. Just use the email in my profile... :-)