Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Round One Gamecards and Prizes!

I know the suspense has ben killing you... Well, okay, maybe not... But, after a few brief delays, ladies and gentlemen, I present First Round pics!

Match 01 - Madding vs. MMosley

Match 02 - WhiteSoxCards vs. Joey

Match 03 - TasteLikeDirt vs. ChrisB

Match 04 - Chris(M) vs Motherscratcher

Motherscratcher wins the first trivia question!

Match 05 - Extras innings and two scratchcards later! Erin vs. Voltaire

Match 06 - Dayf vs Kevin

Our second trivia winners were MMosley and Voltaire!


  1. Cool, thanks for the prizes and the game David. It has been fun.

  2. Wow, that's a sweet-looking card! Thanks again, David!

  3. Neat! And thank you so so much. I'm sure the Edmonds card will turn up into my boyfriend's hands ...

    Question -- what on earth is the green material?