Monday, July 1, 2013

06/29/2013 Draft is complete!

Hey, everyone! The draft for this past week is over! We had a nice spread of players, and just one shut-out. The most popular players in the draft were Morneau and Buckner, each with 17 votes.

Here are the details of the draft:

The original, unsorted list:

Managers randomly sorted:
 The draft order before picks start:

The final results:

The new manager/player list is posted, too:

I will post tonight's pack break later this evening!


  1. I swear I live at the bottom of that randomizer. Figures it would be Captain Canuck that would take my Buddy Bell. Probably trying to pay me back for all the McCanns I pull.


    I am on fire in the draft lately

    1. It's all about who you pick. Well, and being 5th doesn't hurt. Haha! Then again, by the time we get out to the 3rd round, it really is about which players you choose and which ones other managers don't choose. Wow, I just had a very John Madden moment there.