Friday, July 12, 2013

07/12/2013 Free Agent Draft!

Hey everyone!  Wow! We have more than 80 players in this week's draft!  That's what happens when we bust open multi-section packs!  I am keeping the draft at 20 picks, so hopefully more folks will be able to score more of their favorite players. Of course, some will likely show up on many lists, so nothing is guaranteed!

Let's take a look at some notables from this week's free agency:

1990 Fleer Danny Jackson - Generally a fan favorite, if I am not mistaken
1990 Fleer Otis Nixon - long-time player, once an Indians team member
1990 Fleer Rick Reuschel - Another long-time player
1990 Fleer Alfredo Griffin - Spent nearly 20 yrs in majors, also former Triber
2008 Topps Lyle Overbay - appears on Blue Jays Classic Combos with Vernon Wells
1990 Fleer Terry Kennedy - Fan favorite
2003 UD Patch Collection Drew Henson - appears on a Patch collection card with no place for a patch.
1987 Topps Lance Parrish '86 All-Star card
1984 Donruss Baseball Champions Rusty Staub

Okay, I slacked off. Seriously, many of the 1990 Fleer and the 1987 Topps have players/managers that were either team stars or fan favorites, at least to my ever-failing recollection.

I will say, for Indians fans, there are quite a few Tribers and former Tribers in the mix. And, for collectors in general, there are several one-card wonders in there as well.

I think we'll have a very interesting draft this week.

Here is the form!

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