Sunday, July 14, 2013

07/12 Tribecards Draft Results - Take Two

Hey folks!  If you happened to have seen the results of the 07/12 draft, they were wrong. Google Spreadsheets did not have all the data when I ran it. I would not have known, except for the watchful eye of James (Dominicfdny) who noticed his picks weren't even listed.  As I went back to check, while looking AT the results, suddenly three more entries appeared! That was crazy. Two of them were from the night before, and one was from Sunday evening before I closed the results. Why those did not show up initially, I have no idea. Managers, please be sure to check the results and see if your name is there or not, mainly if you replied and did not show up in the final results!

If you did see the then-updated list of managers/players, please review the now-current version, as results have changed! For starters, NO ONE got shut out this time! And, much to NightOwl's happiness, I'm sure, he appeared near the top of the list! haha!

You may or may not feel that doing the draft over was the right thing to do, but I thought it was right, so I did it. Sometimes, you just gotta do what you think is best for the integrity of things. And, given how many weird things have already happened with this giveaway, I needed to have a do-over.

So, here we go again. The 07/12 draft, Take Two:

Here is the initial list before any randomization:

Here is the random order:

Here is the full list in random order before the draft:

And, here are the final results:

The updated manager/player list is here:

Congratulations to everyone! We had NO shut-outs this time!! Lance parrish took top prize for most-wanted: 12 managers. The other players mainly hovered between 6-9 requests. As of tonight, we have more than 1320 players listed in the database! That's just player names. Since many of the players have been seen multiple times, we have many more than 1320 actual cards! By the time this is all done, I can see us hitting the 3000 card mark or higher! Wow!!


  1. Ha! Still ended up with four guys like before. All the same except one player.

    You run a fair and reputable establishment.

    1. It was weird. Most folks ended up with the majority of players they had the first time. There were some changes, as you said, and the 2nd time left no one shut out, whereas we had two shut-outs the first time. In any case, even if we had 9 shut-outs the second time, I felt it was the right thing to do. Thanks for supporting me! I know this isn't costing anyone a dime, but I try to run it as if we all paid to play. :-)

  2. I ended up with three cards this time instead of two--only one the same--?? anyhoo, this was the only fair way to resolve the issue--(plus I didn't move up far enough to get my number ne choice)