Monday, July 8, 2013

Talk about your Outer Space cards...

My mother-in-law picked up a box of random stuff over the weekend. Inside was a plastic bag full of 1987 Garbage Pail Kids cards/stickers. Among those, however, a handful of ALF cards. And, some of those ALF cards included the Bouillabaseball subset.

There was one Garbage Pail kid related to baseball: Mouth Phil. I think Topps missed a golden opportunity with this one. Why not call him FOUL Mouth Phil?  I mean, it's garbage, it's baseball, it's funny!  Well, to me anyway.

The three ALF cars include: G. Hamilton Chickpea III, Ben "Ch--Choo" Tramer, and Ester "The Tomato" Dink.  The backs include goof stats and bios.


  1. Oh crap ! More oddball baseball to chase.

  2. Haha, yeap. I didn't even know these existed until my MIL came upon these.