Sunday, July 28, 2013

The results are in - 07/26 draft

Hey everyone! The draft for this weekend is over and we had two shut-outs. It turns out that nearly everyone that did snag a player only snagged one. Some folks, though, were able to pick up two players. That's as deep as this week's draft went, though.

Here are the breakdowns:

List of entries before any randomizing:
 Names randomized:
 Initial randomized draft before selections are made:
 The final draft:

Next season, if this giveaway continues, I am going to have a different draft mechanism. I want to look over the stats of randomization and see the actual data to get a feel for how this season's randomizing panned out (or not) for certain managers. Next season, I am going to run the draft similar to the way the real drafts are held. Each week, we know the pecking order and will rotate each week. Ultimately, every manager will have a first-round, first-slot draft pick. I think it will add a fun twist to the game.

The updated Manager/Player list is here:


  1. I agree with the change of draft. The only real way to make sure everyone has a fair chance is to guarantee the order week after week. Unless you are entering the names in the exact same order every week, there is the potential for people to have an advantage in the draft week after week. And even if you do enter the same each week, randomizing is just that - random.

    Though, technically, randomizing in a computer is anything but random. In theory. This all reads nice:

    but when it comes down to it, a computer number is not as random as drawing from a hat. All computer generated random numbers start from one initial integer.

    1. I actually considered the fact that computers aren't actually random. I owned a Commodore 64 as a kid and one of my projects demonstrated just how non-random the random number generator was. But, after all was said and done, I went with because I knew the order of names was basically random to start with. Over time, especially as this break has gone on, I have seen that things seem less random... Or maybe more random. Either way, I want something more stable for next season. I think if I knew that eventually I would have a first-round, first-slot pick, I'd feel like I had just as much chance as anyone else for getting a player I wanted. Though, that's not exactly true, either. I mean, if I had the last first-place slot, I'm not sure that would make me feel any better about things. haha! Of course, I would have been climbing the draft ladder all season, so who knows. In any case, I plan to have a guaranteed order next season. :-)

  2. 1) I think "pseudo-random" numbers are good enough for setting a draft order. This should not be super-sensitive to the method of randomness. It's not a financial projection or anything.

    2) Depending on how complicated you want to get, you could give each-slot-each-week a point value and try to give everyone an equal amount of "value" throughout the season. The values would need to decay over time since there are fewer and fewer available players.

    Am I volunteering to create this elaborate point system? No I am not. :-) So please take my suggestions with a grain of salt.

    For the record, I am fine with the completely random system you have now (it will even out over time). I haven't had a difficult time getting the players I want...mostly because I am shooting for KC guys. Please know that I (and I'm sure all the others) appreciate all the generosity and hard work you have done and continue to put in.

    1. haha, Let's tackle this item by item. :-)
      1) Any issues I have with how things are going are all brought on by my own desire to make folks feel like they are getting a fair deal. Granted, there is no charge for this, so I suppose I am overthinking things to the point of overthinking the overthinking itself!
      2) Haha, yeah, I tried to follow that, but I don't see me going that far! I do appreciate your willingness to not create the system! Haha!
      3) There have been no complaints that I'm aware of. Sure, some general "Man, I can't get crap" banter, but that will happen regardless of any system in place. As I said, I am sure I am way overthinking things. I have been having a blast opening the packs. With each rip, I hope I score players, so I know everyone else playing along is, too. One advantage we'll have next season is there will already be a list of players to kick things off. Then again, that make choosing player that much more difficult!

      I truly appreciate your kind words. I do this for fun because it's really the best way I can use my "talents" and share my love for the hobby. Frankly, this is easier for me than trying to keep up with trades. Haha!