Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I've been Helton'd - which is way better than Alomar'd!

I had a box in the mailbox today. It was postmarked "Acworth, GA." That can only mean one thing: Dayf sent Tribecards a package! And what a great surprise inside!

First up, a selection of Indians and a can! The 1997 Pinnacle Inside "card-in-a-can" is very cool! I don't have one of those, er, I didn't until Dayf sent me this beauty. I'll save the speculation: No. I'm not opening the can to get to whatever cards (there are 10 of them) are hidden inside.  The Indians are vintage! 1971 Phil Hennigan, 1972 Fred Stanley, 1965 Sam McDowell, 1974 Rusty Torres, and a 1956 Chico Carrasquel! Holy freakin' cow!

Also in the box? How about some packs to add to the break!? Yeah, buddy! And, one pack even shows an Indians player waiting to be freed from the cello!

The last thing in the box was a hand-wrapped, hand-sketched "Oh Noez Helton'd" deck of cards. There were more than EIGHTY Todd Helton cards! My son was awestruck, and is extremely thankful for the generous gift! He went from just learning who Helton is to a handful of Helton cards to suddenly finding himself well on the way to having a Helton collection!

Thank you so much, Dayf! These are unbelievable gifts! I am still ooo-ing and aahh-ing over the vintage Indians and that crazy can!


  1. Since I have Robbie, I would love being Alomar'd

    1. Unfortunately, being "Alomoar'd" means that you are the recipient of a hundred or so duplicates of Sandy Alomar Jr. It's kind of like being "Bipped." The key with being Bipped or Alomar'd is the duplicates. So far as I could tell, there were NO dupes in the Helton'd deck!


      I'm glad your son liked them, I've been trying to get rid of those Heltons for forever!