Saturday, July 6, 2013

Blogger Notes in General (or, Why didn't your comment show up?)

Hey everyone!
  Evidently, blogger thinks many of you are spammers. haha! I get email notices when someone leaves a comment, so I see 99% of the comments. But, when I would come back to the site in order to respond, the comments wouldn't be here.  I changed settings, tried different implementations for comments, but nothing seemed to be fixing it. And then I stumbled on an old friend: The Blogger Comments Spam Folder. Tah-dah! There they were. A bunch of comments had been marked as spam. UGH.

I have freed those from the land of misfit toys and they are now on the site. I will also be checking that folder more often.

My apologies if your comment went unanswered. I try to reply to comments because I appreciate you taking the time to make a comment.

I also wanted to to thank those of you that have helped point out glitches during the season break. No matter how hard I try to run the whole show as smoothly as possible, there are always little hiccups. You have been very helpful in keeping things on-track! It is nice to have extras eyes out there.


  1. I see another glitch in the season breaks: I am not winning enough of the randomizing.

    FIX IT! :)

    1. Hahaha! I'll see if I can get the randomizer to randomly put your name at the top of the list using its random algorithm generated from a random seed generator, randomly.