Monday, July 8, 2013

Tribecards from Outer Space: Feeling a bit drafty

Good evening, folks! I know I planned to run the draft last night, but something about Sunday evenings gets away from me and the drafts are running on Mondays.

Here are the results of this week's draft. We had three things that stuck out this week:

  1. Somehow, not only did I submit twice, but my Boof entry was blanked out in both.
  2. We had 18 people try to snag Whitey Ford!
  3. Don Sherman was our shut-out of the week
I'm mixing things up this week. Why not. Here are the final results after the draft:

This is what the draft looked like before any randomization:

After I deleted my second entry, here is the randomized draft order:

I am working on the manager/player list and will have the updated version posted shortly, which means nothing to you because I have no idea what time you are reading this. So, basically, check and see if it has been updated. If not, then I am working on it. If has been updated, then I worked on it. Clear as mud?

Update: Here is the manager/player list. :-)


  1. So can you tell that I needed that ERA Leaders card for my '71 set? ;)

    1. I could tell you were up to something! Haha! Well, you now have a 2/3 shot of scoring that at the end of the season.