Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Write-in draft results are in!

Before we get to the results, here are a few notes:

  1. As mentioned in the initial announcement, any write-ins already assigned to managers were removed and that manager's list collapsed to the left to reflect the change. A list of those is provided below.
  2. All initial drafts are available for viewing below. This will let you see who chose whom and then watch the fun ensue!
  3. The Write-in draft was run just like a regular draft. Names randomized, then snake draft style. There were 20 write-in entries, so I randomized 20 times. Just for fun.
List of write-ins already owned:
  1. Michael Jordan - Owned by P-Town Tom
  2. Catfish Hunter - Owned by Wicked4Life
  3. Darren Daulton - Owned by Patrick.M.Smith
  4. Kate Upton - Hahaha, sorry but choices must be baseball players. Though, that actually gives me an idea for a non-player draft... Hmm... I will ponder that a bit more.
  5. Paco Rodriguez - Owned by Dayf
  6. Kevin Mench - Owned by Bo Rosny
  7. Kevin Brown - Owned by Matthew.T.Wilson
  8. Ruben Sierra - Owned by JRBeasley
  9. Gerritt Cole - Owned by IrishTribeFan
  10. Jacoby Ellsbury - Owned by Ajpca07
  11. Jon Lester - Owned bu Ajpca07
  12. Jim Rice - Owned by Play At The Plate
Here is the initial write-in list. No changes other than I removed an incomplete duplicate entry:

Here is the list of randomized names after 20 run throughs:

Here is the list of picks in the random order. Names already chosen have been removed:

Here are the final player selections after the draft:

Congratulations, everyone! The player with the most selections: Puig, which is no surprise given his recent rise to fame (infamy?). As you can see, no one got shut out and everyone got at least two of their picks! I will add these names to the manager/player list after I run the pick-a-player draft. That's up next. Though, it will actually appear above this post once it is done. I digress. Often.


  1. Ah! Lost out on puig by one spot! And to a royals fan, no less!


      As a SoCal resident, one of my good friends has a 5-year-old son with a a love for the Dodgers, Puig, and a budding card collection. He already has a Puig shirt for watching the games. If any Puig card shows up in this is going into a toploader and then over to him.

  2. Since no one claimed her, I should have first dibs on my girlfriend if you do have a non-player draft. Hell - I should have her added to my roster for the sheer knowledge to think out of the box.

    For the record, she did take part in the 2011 celebrity softball game at the 2011 All Star game:

    So she has been a player on a MLB diamond. And the draft was for "players".

    1. You make a very strong and compelling argument. What the heck. You can have Kate Upton. Pretty sure we aren't going to see her in this season's break, but you never know. Haha!

  3. I think the other question is... Do you get Fausto Carmona AND Roberto Hernandez?

    1. Anyone who gets Fausto should also get Leo Nunez, on principle.

    2. Haha, I hadn't even thought of that... You know what? If Hernandez comes up, I'm putting him in the draft that way. Why not, right? Let's have stupid fun with it!

    3. Same for Nunez. He'll be in there twice - once under each name. Haha!