Saturday, May 2, 2009

Indians from the Great White North, eh!

A couple weeks ago, I received an email from Charles, letting me know that he had picked up some 2009 Upper Deck cards and would like to trade some Tribers! Excellent! In return, he wants Blue Jays, which works out pretty well since I've got more than a few headed his way.

As you can see, he included other Tribe cards in addition to the '09 UDs:

Two cards didn't make the scan: 2009 UD Series 1 Victor Martinez and a 2006 UD Eduardo Perez.

In the scan, though, we have quite a selection of new cards and a couple classics:
1989 Fleer Mini-Logo Stickers (Indians, Tigers, Royals, Brewers)
2006 Bowman Heritage Steven Wright
1989 Fleer Rod Allen
1988 Fleer Brian Dorsett
1988 Score Tom Candiotti
2009 Topps David Delucci (Man, I do love the '09 Topps design - good job!)
2009 UD First Edition Victor Martinez (Throwback design with a large player pic - not bad!)
2009 UD First Edition Grady Sizemore
2009 UD First Edition Travis Hafner
2009 UD First Edition Jhonny Peralta
2009 UD First Edition Fausto Carmona
2006 UD Star Attractions Jeremy Sowers
2009 UD First Edition Cliff Lee
2006 UD Andy Marte
2007 Bowman Heritage Victor Martinez

Man, these are great and are very much appreciated!! Thanks to Charles from the land up above for some very cool Indians to add to my collection!! In exchange, he'll get some Blue Jays to (hopefully) add to his.

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