Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some of that Indians magnetism!

I recently bought a random assortment of Indians items, and these were among the finds:

These are "Jacobs Field Era Champs" magnets. They are not-quite baseball card sized, but they're close enough to put in 9-pocket pages!

Above, we see Omar Vizquel, Kenny Lofton, and Jaret Wright. They feature very colorful photos! I don't know who actually produced them, but they were distributed by Pepsi and its brands. I received the Mountain Dew ones above, and the Pepsi One magnets below:

There, we see Manny (before he was "Being Manny" and all that now may stand for) Ramirez, Roberto Alomar, and Charles Nagy.

As many of you know, I loves me some oddballs! And, this magnetically-charged six-pack fits the bill quite nicely!


  1. Quick question - where do you get those storage "shelves" for your cards? You pictured them back around your 12 Days giveaway or Halloween... you know, the ones with rows and separate pull-out boxes? My collection needs some serious organizing, and separating by team seems to be the most logical way of doing it.

    I'm hoping Michael's has them, otherwise I suppose I can just order them online... baseball card shops are few and far between out here in San Diego!

  2. I got them from BCW (bcwsupplies.com). The individual boxes are the SKU: 802 and the storage shelves are SKU: HOUSE (storage house). Each HOUSE holds 12 of the 802's. I bought four HOUSES and enough 802's to fill them (so I'd have enough for all teams plus extras).

  3. Thanks! Do you, by any chance, organize your cards electronically as well? This would make searching for older cards for through-the-mail- autograph attempts much easier!! I've started on Beckett, but the process is painstakingly tedious! Nice to be able to search through the inventory quickly, though...

  4. Yeap, I use TheCardCollector and have written about it before: here