Sunday, May 24, 2009

A serious lapse of judgment

So, if you were among the few that surfed in to Tribecards and saw the hideousness that was three-column hell, I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts.

As it turns out, the three-column layout was an awful, horrible mess. The image I had in my head did not translate to the little screen very well. And as the votes came in and the more I looked at it, I turned the screen to my wife to show her my new experiment. Without a word, I knew instantly my guts and the general reaction of my readers was dead-on: Three columns no-worky for Tribecards.

But, what I discovered in the process was how to make the whole thing semi-transparent, letting the Wahoo in the back show through the header and posts. I always hated that you couldn't really see the background image.

Again, thanks to the few folks that came by in time to witness the awful mess and let me know what an awful mess it really was - I agree completely! That's why it is OUTTA HERE!! :-)


  1. Dang! I was excited to see what you'd come up with.

  2. I was hoping for something subtle, and instead the main posts were squeezed between two columns of way too much text. It made it very hard to figure out what was what.

    Have no fears, though, I will try again. I hate keeping things the same all the time!! What I want to play with is maybe a dual right column or something... We'll see!