Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's all in the name...

Perhaps if I had chosen "Tribecards Tyrants" or "Tribecards Terrifics" or even "Tribecards Toppers," perhaps the Indians would not be where they are now. Perhaps I should have put clothes on them.

See, I chose "Tribecards Trundles" for PunkRockPaint's Yahoo! fantasy baseball league as a joke. I suck at fantasy sports but like to play anyway. So, when the invite came to join up, I decided I would keep my fantasy team as close to an all-tribe team as possible. Yeah, it's a risk putting all of one's fantasy eggs in one basket, but I was pretty sure I would do okay going that route. Much like the boys in blue, I was wrong.

The Trundles are currently 11th out of 12, barely hovering above Heartbreaking Cards. Oh, sure, I could start dropping players. In fact, I did drop a couple that are basically DL for much of the season. I suppose I could pick up some free agents from other teams and hope that turns my Trundles around. But, in the end, I decided that, like the Indians, these are my guys and I'll back them as much as I can.

In retrospect, however, I probably should have given more wide-reaching thoughts to the name I gave them. Call it self-fulfilling prophecy. Call it living down to expectations. Whatever you call it, it's fantasy imitating reality and/or vice versa. And it's not pretty.

It's Tribe Time Now... unfortunately, the clock seems to be a wee bit broken...


  1. I suck at fantasy sports, too. For years I knew this, but was in denial. I'm not in denial anymore. I haven't participated for years.

  2. LOL, maybe that's the route I'll take next season. :-)

  3. Yeah, these days we're more like annoying gnats that Championship Condors... Or something like that... :-)