Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trying a different approach to layouts...

At first glance, nothing looks too different, right? But, scroll down just a bit, and what you find is a split-level approach to displaying the various gadgets/content housed here on Tribecards.

I think I am going to play with font sizes a little to help keep the focus on the main posts, but this is much more along the lines I was originally thinking.

Oh, I know, most of you could care less what I'm doing with the layout of my blog. I appreciate you putting up with my shenanigans anyway.

In order to come up with this, I looked at various layouts available online, and then hand-coded (and in some cases borrowed the skeleton code) a secondary site I created for the specific purpose of playing with layouts. The biggest advantage to having a 'development' site is that you can paste the code for your 'main' blog into the dev site, and though you lose the content, you retain all the 'pointers' to the real content. In English, that means once you have the layout like you want, you simply copy from the dev site and paste back into your live site and everything just 'works!'

For my next endeavor, I'm going to be playing with graphics and color schemes. But, that's for another day....


  1. I like it. I've always liked the split level thing on other sites I look at. I'm a fan of people tinkering with looks every so often.

    I even thought maybe I'd mess with a split level thing on my blog. Then I read: "...and then hand-coded (and in some cases borrowed the skeleton code) a secondary site I created for the specific..."

    ...Yeah... I guess I'll just leave mine the way it is.

  2. Ah, I make it sound harder than it is... Although, if you'd like, you could save your template and email it to me and I'd be happy to make a split-level for ya now that I have an idea what it looks like. :-)

  3. I appreciate the offer and I'll think about it. I'd have to decide if a split level really would work the way I want it to, or if I like it better the way it is.

    Sometimes the grass looks greener on the other side, you know?

  4. I totally get that! In fact, I've even had to tweak mine because I realized it wasn't working in IE8 or Firefox.

    I still have tinkering I want to do here, too, so something else may pop up! Ya just never know with me..