Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Group Breaks: Fun or Frustrating?

The ladies at Dinged Corners asked if group breaks were fun or frustrating. So, I thought that would be a great topic of discussion!

I have only participated in one so far, and it's too soon to know what I think about it because my cards are still pending delivery. I'll be able to answer the question better once I see exactly what i ended up with (not just the 'hits' but the other cards as well - assuming we get all the cards that drew our number and not just the 'mojo').

Besides, I don't know that having only participated in one so far that I am qualified to judge the fun/frustrating level.

So, let's hear from the other folks out there that have taken part in group breaks - what do you think: fun or frustrating?


  1. the best way to answer the question "are group breaks fun or frustrating?" is by answering

  2. I also have only participated in one and i found it very entertaining (maybe because I faired pretty well).

    I think it is a great opportunity to unite with the blog collecting community, it is fun to see what other cards you could have potentially had and it also shows you pretty much exactly what to expect if you plan on buying a box for yourself.

    I would do a group break again in a heart beat.

  3. I think they're great if you can pick the team that you are buying. Otherwise I really have no interest.

  4. I've participated in three. All of them great. Haven't gone home empty handed yet.

  5. The Captain had it right on the money.I have only participated in 2. Both times I could pick the team I wanted and it worked out well for me. It is fun, but it's a little like a poker game,sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.But you always get something,just might not be exactly what you wanted.Like buying a Walmart blaster.If I had the money to spare at the time ,I'd do it again.

  6. I agree with the blaster comparison. Frankly, in my one break, I feel I've already done better than most blasters I've bought recently...

  7. So the upshot is probably that a group break is less frustrating than buying a blaster, if you can pick your team. And you aren't left with random cards at the end.