Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm not askin' ya who's on second

I received a very cool package in the mail the other day from BaseballDad! In it, I found a CD with classic baseball-themed songs and bits (including the one featuring the title of this post!!). In addition to the CD, I found all sorts of Indians goodies! A "Batter Up" official program guide, several cards including a JustMinors Grady-freakin Sizemore!, and a Sportflics mini team jersey card! Also in there, CC Sabathia, Mike Hargrove, Jose Mesa and a '96 Fleer logo card from the Indians 20-card subset. Inside the "Batter Up!" I found a 1/2-off coupon for upper deck box seats to certain Indians games (oh, how I wish!!) and also a 2009 season schedule.

I popped the CD into my HEMIs CD player this morning as I drove my son to work, and we listened to Abbott and Costello discussing the players on their team. My son had never heard it before, and he was laughing hard by the end of it. He wasn't as appreciative of some of the other items on the CD as I was, however. Though, I have to admit, there is something innately wrong with Mel Allen saying "that ain't no jive..." And, the reading of "Casey at the Bat" was borderline scary...

What a great surprise!! I know my son will grow weary of the CD before long, but I plan to haul that puppy around in my truck for some time to come. Thanks to BaseballDad for creating new memories and bringing back old ones!


  1. Glad you got it-"Gladder" you like it! Casey is a little strange and so is the baseball card collector but I never tire of listening.

  2. LOL, yeah the card collector is not exactly for young ears...