Friday, May 22, 2009

Stacks of wax in a trade with Max

A while ago, I participated in my first group break, as some of you may remember. As a result of that break, Max got in touch with me regarding the Niese auto/patch card (refresh your memory here, if you need/want to). In exchange for the Niese, Max would send me a smattering of Tribe cards. In his words, "a quantity for quality" trade. Well, I threw in a few 'extras' for good measure, and I am afraid I fell a wee bit short. The cards Max sent me cover decades, brands and types.

How about a 2009 Goudey 4-in-1 featuring TWO Indians (Lee and Sizemore)!! There are a myriad of players and cards that came in three dime bags. In his own words, "The package with the 4-in-1 is from your wantlist." That would be the cards shown above and the cards below:

His note continues: "The package with the Albert Belle are cards I think you'd want and/or were not on your list." Boy, howdy, I'll say! There are some VERY cool cards, including true vintage Fleer! Plus, throw in some inserts and oddballs and we've got quite a mix here:

And finally, he lets me know that, "the third one is stuff in top loaders from the wantlist:"

Holy freakin cow! Not only are there some very cool cards throughout this package, but I will have a lot of fun doing the research to determine the year/brand of some of the oddball items to boot.

Thank you VERY much, Max, for a GREAT selection of Indians cards! I hope you're happy with the auto-patch card (plus the extras) and feel you got a good deal in the trade!


  1. That is a real interesting mix there,a few I don't recognize !

  2. I meant to drop you a note before I went away for the long weekend but never got the chance. I got your package last week and the extras you put in were great (the piazza was specially choice) So readers, see through his modesty and know the man more than held up to his end of our trade.

    Thanks again!