Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cards from... My Aunt!? (baseball edition)

Some time ago, my Aunt in Pittsburgh called and said, "Hey, I found a box of baseball cards. Your cousin doesn't want them and I am cleaning out the closet. Do you want them?" Do I want them!? Heck yeah!

A few days later, she told me that there were a lot more cards than she thought because she also found a bag of cards, and now there were football, hockey, and wrestling cards in there, too. Great!

It turns out that the 'box' she sent is a New Balance showbox that holds at least 2100 cards by my rough estimation. Holy Smokes! Well, after scanning in what amounts to a 'handful' of the cards, I decided the best thing to do was break this up into the respective sports. Baseball far and away makes up the bulk of the cards. These are in no order, but to give you an idea of how I decided which cards to scan, I took each stack that she had wrapped in rubber bands and divide the stacks in roughly half. Then from each half-stack, I selected some cards. At first, I was scanning a bunch. Eventually, I settled on about 9 cards per scan. As I said, these pics are in no order.

Most of the cards are from 1991-1993 or thereabouts. I don't remember anything too great or too vintage from the baseball cards. The hockey cards had a '78 and a '79, though, which was cool. For now, though, here are the selected "few" cards I scanned for the baseball portion of the 'box break:'

Here are a random assortment of Score trivia mini cards:

There were a bunch of Pirates cards that were separated out from the other baseball cards:

There was also a stack of Conlon Collection Sporting News cards with several Tribers in there!

I got BIPPED! I had to put him in the middle of the scanner:

I couldn't help but include some smiling faces and action shots for the girls at Dinged Corners:

I had never seen these "Cooperstown Collection" cards before (I dont think). They're from Score if memory serves:

Oh, I forgot about these Hills cards, and the '80 Topps, too:

I wonder if he realizes that's an apple he's holding... And, of course, I had to include Dave Henderson:

Mattingly and Yount on the same card... Nice!

Chipper Jones prospect card - great stuff!

Jim Rice Topps... Dykstra sticker... fun!

More smiles, and the Eck!

I was a huge Bob Horner fan as a kid...

I love cards that feature the American flag.... And how about that Brett card!?

Sorry, DAYF, I had to include Sandy Alomar... Just in case you forgot what his card looks like. :-)

There's a few commentators/analysts in here:

Ah, yes, flaming balls strike again.... That card shall forever haunt my trades:

You can't help but wonder what the middle guy in the top row is doing there.....

Tommy John! Bubble Gum! what could be better?

That is one of the wildest Eck cards I have ever seen...

Pitchers, catchers, and McGwire sliding on his rear end...

George (Brett) looks over his shoulder at George (Ruth)!

The Express! Cool Joe Carter card! What the heck is that pink stuff on some of the cards!?

I'm afraid the first guy has lost his head in the game! The one below that is a very weird angle!

Thank you to my AUNT!! And I hope you all enjoyed the peek at the cards!


  1. Nice ! ! Wish I had an Aunt who was cleaning out too.

  2. that si kids carter is pretty sweet

  3. Sandy Alomar noooooooooooo

    that's Turk Wendell brushing his teeth in between innings because he doesn't want to get cavities because he chews on licorice on the mound because he wants to have black teeth while he's pitching because he thinks it will scare the hitters.

    Turk Wendell is insane.

  4. 1) Excellent aunt

    2) 'Bipped' is one of the great coinages of the baseball card blog realm

  5. DC, I have to agree. It has a much better ring to it than "Alomared" :-)

    Though, we need a "Zitoed" for when people receive several cards of a player they collect that they did not already have!

  6. It's the early 90's all over again! The main disappointment with the magic motion trivia cards is that most of them don't have trivia questions on them - just facts. I'm almost done "breaking" a complete box of '91 Score and now have more of these than I ever could've wanted!