Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Card...

This is for the folks that have asked me about the photo that's featured in "My Card" on the right these days. Contrary to how things appear, my wife and I were NOT at a game (and I have never been to Progressive) at the time the photo was taken. Instead, the pre-PunkRockPainted photo appears below:
From Indians-Rangers Game

When we in the card-collecting blog world say PRP's got skillz, we know what we're talkin' 'bout...


  1. I have no idea what he is talkin' about. I did not doctor his photo... I pulled this out of a pack that I was opening for a post on "A Pack to be Named Later".

    He must be lying! The background on his "original" photo looks fake. What is that? A headboard? The side of a boat? Amateur hour!

    I'll bet this dude has season tickets and just doesn't want to share.

  2. Are there 100,000 of your cards floating around?

    Sorry, cheap zing at 1991 Topps. Wasn't that funny.

  3. PRP does some amazing stuff. And not just our PRP either. Platelet Rich Plasma has some amazing surgical applications.

  4. I think the real photoshop job was the good looking gal,where'd you get her picture !?