Thursday, May 7, 2009

Packs to be named later...

I am now a contributing member of the latest pack-busting blog, "A Pack To Be Named Later!" (see it here)

When I first read about the blog's launch, I thought it was something done to compete (though that may be too strong a word) with "A Pack A Day." As it turns out, though, the site is actually trying to accomplish something rather monumental: Open at least one pack of EVERY kind of card ever made. "A Pack A Day" is focused more on sport-related packs, and I believe that is the right direction for that site. "Things Done to Cards" is mainly sports related, but with an eye for the weird things that are either done to sportscards or are done in the name of being passed off as sportscards.

"A pack to be named later," however, blew the blinders off the horses and is letting them run free. No pack is off topic. Though, I would venture to say 'adult'-related packs are probably not appropriate, but that's not my call nor my place to act as any kind of censor whatsoever. In fact, I was told, "The weirder, the better!"

Now, THAT'S my kind of bustin' wax! I've got my first post up and two others are already scheduled to launch for Friday and Saturday, by which time I hope to have some of my eBay oddball/non-sport packs ready and waiting.

It's really too bad I'm not doing this for a living. I could get used to it....

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