Wednesday, May 13, 2009

100 Years of Indians on little round coins

The Indians organization began it's life prior to the 1901 season. But, 1901 signified the first 'official' season in the American League (though they were Naps then). And so, a hundred years after the Indians played the White Sox on opening day in 1901 (the Tribe lost, 8-2), Cleveland celebrated by holding all kinds of century-mark gala events and minting coins. I am now the proud owner of two of those coins:

The picture above represents a coin offered up by Dodge. The coin is shrink-wrapped or vacuum-sealed to the card it's on. And, for being still protected in plastic, I have to say the face is heavily worn on this jobbie. But, none of that matters to me! The card itself features a look at Indians history starting with "present day" and working back to 1901. The card does not indicate how many of these were made, unlike the Brisk Tea version:

The Brisk Tea version also has historical facts, but it starts with 1901 and works forward. The coin is labeled "2nd of 3 Commemorative Coins." I don't know if the two coins were part of the same set, or if Brisk made 3 different versions. I like the fact that this coin shows the "SOX" and "INDIANS" logos, specifying the game played on July 25, 2001.

I wonder if the guys who played in 1901 ever thought there would be another game between the two teams 100 years later...

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