Wednesday, September 17, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Short draft, OOTP league updates, and a couple packs

Good evening, everyone! Thanks for joining us this evening. We've got a lot of ground to cover and not a lot of time to get there. So, hold on to your hats:

This week, we have a short draft - both in terms of turnaround time and in terms of a players list. There are only 32 names on the list! We usually have more than number of managers participating.
The deadline is 11:59pm, Saturday September 20!!  NOTE: that is just a couple days!!

We only have one more draft (after this one) before the post-season starts in OOTP (and in the MLB, really).

The PAD Circus online updates are posted:

Let's see what we'e got:

The Missouri Wilsons, Pennsylvania NachosGrandes, and the Alberta CaptainCanucks have all clinched their divisions in the Blogger League!

In the Wordpress League, the Virginia Dawgbones and the Ontario Kazis have secured their place as division champs!

Congratulations to those five teams!! There are still a couple divisions with managers vying to take the division. In the standings list, the column marked "M#" is the "Magic Number" of games needed for the specified team to take their division. The hardest battle will be for the JoshDs who must win 6 games to clinch. The lightest should be for the Florida Workmans who need just two games to take their division.

I am going to have some kind of "BONUS" prizes for each Division Winner, each League Winner, and then a prize pack for the first-ever Tribecards Giveaway World Series Winner!

Okay, now that juices are flowing and the draft has been sent to the managers, let's rip some wax!

1992 Stadium Club Series 1:

Francisco de la Rosa - Giants - Wilsons (Wahoo!!) - [He played one season, ended up with a 4.50 ERA, and played for several minor league teams. He died in 2011 at the young age of 44.]

Craig Grebeck - White Sox - MySportsObsessions (Wahoo!!) - [He looks scared-to-death in this pose. Yikes!]

Braulio Castillo - Phillies - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!) - [You know he looks like in this picture? El DeBarge. Tell me I'm wrong.]

Darren Holmes - Brewers - Thorzuls (Wahoo!!) - [Is he... snarling!? Haha, that's funny.]

Dave Hollins - Phillies - Free Agent - [Wow, weird to see a free agent from this series considering how many packs of this we've opened this season!]

Gary Thurman - Royals - Free Agent - [And, just like that, back-to-back free agents.]

Anthony Young - Mets - Free Agent - [Okay, now the cardboard gods are just messing with us.]

Roberto Alomar - Blue Jays - Kazis (Wahoo!!) - [Wow, we have not seen a lot of Alomar this season. Great pull!!]

Mike Pagliarulo - Twins - Free Agent - [You have to admit, that is a cool last name. I'm tempted to name one of my characters (in the ootp-based novel I'm writing) after his last name,

Greg Cadaret - Yankees - Chonks (Wahoo!!) - [He played MLB for 10 years, spending '93-'98 bouncing between several teams.]

Mike Scioscia - Dodgers - Night Owls (Wahoo!!) - [Alomar and Scioscia in the same pack! Sweet! Haha, you can tell when I grew up, eh. I would have flipped in my younger days (like I'm not flipping now, right?)]

Shawn Boskie - Cubs - Otakus (Wahoo!!) - [Had a killer debut - complete game, 5-hitter, 1-earned run. Nice job, kid!]

Jeff Blauser - Braves - CaptainCanucks (Wahoo!!) - [Two-time All-Star, spent 13 years in the bigs. Ended his career with a .292 AVG overall. Can't complain there.]

Lee Stevens - Angels - PlayAtThePlates (Wahoo!!) - [In this pic, he wears a look that says, "You want me to stand like THIS!?"

Dave Hansen - Dodgers - Free Agent - [Currently serves as Assistant Hitting Coach for the Angels.]

Okay, let's open another pack! As you may recall, I have a bunch of 2008 Opening Day, so...

Gary Sheffield - Tigers - Chonks (Wahoo!!) - [Did he have a nickname? He should have.]

Stephen Drew - Diamondbacks - NachosGrandes (Wahoo!!) - [Here's a bit of trivia: Drew was one of the limited "RRO Rookies" when eTopps was still making cards. He was one of the highest-priced eTopps cards ever, for a long time. I owned one for a while then sold it on eBay for a nice payout.]

Josh Beckett Puzzle Piece - Red Sox - ThoughtsAndSox (Wahoo!!) - [I thought Beckett Media was going to ... well, let's just say they seemed overly excited when a player with their name came on the scene.]

Aaron Hill - Blue Jays - Kazis (Wahoo!!) - [Wow. One of the worst pics ever. He is very far away, and I am pretty sure he is not in focus. Ouch!]

Raul Ibanez - Mariners - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!) - [Well, this card suffers the same problem as Hill's.]

Joey Votto - Reds - NachosGrandes (Wahoo!! x2) - [Nice! Two hits for NachosGrandes! I have probably said this before, but MAN that is a lot of red!]


  1. I don't see a draft email in my mailbox (and I also looked in the spam folder, just in case.)

  2. That's because I'm an idiot. Haha! I forgot to BCC everyone. Should have it now!