Friday, September 5, 2014

#PackADailyCircus #ootp - Updates, Drafts, and Packs Here! Read 'Em While They're Hot!

Good afternoon! I have several things to bring your way today. first, a word from our sponsor:

"Do you collect baseball cards? Are you tired of spending money on packs that only contain base cards? Do you want more MOJO for your cardboard dough? Then, try the new series from Mega-Mojo! Mega-Mojo packs contain ONLY inserts, game-used, autographs, and anything else that is not a base card! In fact, we don't even HAVE base cards! Our cards are produced with high quality components to provide long-lasting collectibles including on-card autographs sprayed with a thin layer of lacquer; game-used cards in hermetically-sealed screwdowns; DNA-authenticated items such as hair samples, sweat vials, and scalp flakes! The best part? The price! How much would you pay for a pack of 6 cards, knowing they were ALL mojo hits? $10/pack? $20/pack? Mega-Mojo packs are only $2.99 a piece! Get your Mega-Mojo packs at your local card store today! (mega-mojo cards are not authorized by major league baseball, major league player's association nor their affiliates. rather than use photo editing software to remove logos and insignia, mega-mojo features player names and a standard statement of authenticity. actual players do not appear on mega-mojo memorabilia. in fact, we're not even sure why anyone would want this stuff. why do you think it is so cheap?)" *Note: any reference to any real companies is purely coincidental. I looked and saw no such company as "mega mojo" at the time of this post.

Hey, folks, back to the program! First up, the newest free agent draft has been unleashed upon the managers. We've got 75 players/items up for grabs this time.

Notables this week: a SLEW of players named Eric; Tyler Danish blue border (416/500); Jake Johansen mini Bowman Chrome; Rivero, Appel, Overton purple borders; Pomeranz Gold Futures; a slew of Dominos Pizza Detroit Tigers.

The draft will take place Saturday, September 13. Good luck to each of the managers who participates. Personally, I am going for the handful of Indians, or former Indians, players we have in the mix like Jack Hannahan, Matt LaPorta, and Pat Dobson to name a few.

With that out of the way, let's look into the Pack-A-Daily Circus League and see how things are faring over there. Like last time, all we have are pictures. sorry, folks, just the way it happens sometimes. The league is hoping to have the games hosted next season so everything will be clickable and interactive. As it sits now, click on the pictures to get a better view.

In the Blogger League, we see the Tribecards are still leading the Picadilly Division, but the JoshDs are not far behind. We'll look at the wildcard race in a minute.

The Wilsons are a full 16 games ahead of 2nd place MySportsObsessions in Green park.

Over in Leicester, the NachosGrandes hold an 8-game lead over the Superduperman99s, and they have the best record in the Blogger League over all.

Moving to Oxford Circus, the CaptainCanucks move to 16 games ahead of the Chonks.

Well, let's see how things are going in the Wordpress League. It seems we have two teams with a 12-game lead over their respective divisions. The Dawgbones and the Hadsalls are each a dozen games in front of their closest rivals. The Hadsalls have the best record on this side of the diamond. The Kazis, in Bakerloo, lead the Quarrys by 10 games themselves. The Florida Workmans (yeah, I know, I should say 'workmen') lead the BoRosnys by just 5 games, providing the closest race for first in Wordpress.

Okay, so we've seen the leaders and glimpsed at those trailing behind. What does that mean for the wildcard race? You'll have to click to enlarge, but you can see several teams could still make the playoffs. Since we have a few weeks left and the 70-man, er-player, rosters, quite literally anything could happen.

We've got some more stats to look at, but before we do, let's hear from another sponsor:

"Peanuts and popcorn are great if you want a light snack, but when you're hungry, you want a full meal! Introducing FAT PACKS, the monster-sized meal you can take to your seat! That's right, at many of the ballparks around the Pack-A-Daily Circus League, you can now find FAT PACKS! FAT PACKS come in a variety of configurations: steak and potatoes; surf and turf; big ol' bird; and the veggie lovers garden. Each FAT PACK weighs in at 5 pounds of food in an oversized, easy to use tray that you can rest on your seat. One side sits on one armrest while the other rests comfortabley in your lap so you have plenty of room for the person next to you to enjoy their own FAT PACKS meal! The tray is long enough to clip on to the seat in front of you. These are HUGE! They're FAT PACKS!" (*Note: any reference to any real companies is purely coincidental. I looked and saw no such company as "FAT PACKS" at the time of this post.)

There you have it, folks. I've had a FAT PACKS meal at the stadium, and let me tell you, I couldn't even move after the game. In fact, I am still there right now. Wait. Am I there? Is this the Matrix? Where was I? Ah, yes, let's look in on our league leaders!

First up, the folks playing in the Blogger League:

 And now, we have the folks in the Wordpress League:

If you've managed to hang on this long, then I certainly want to thank you for doing so! Before we wrap things up for today, we need to bust open a pack of cards! How about another 2008 Opening Day:

Jeremy Hermida - Marlins - Free Agent - [Remember, these guys will be in the NEXT draft, not the one for 9/13]

Johnny Estrada - Brewers - Free Agent - [I knew we had drafted an Estrada, but it was Marco. Anyone else think of the name Eric when you hear Estrada? Maybe CHiPs? Maybe I am just old.]

Felix Hernandez - Mariners - Otakus (Wahoo!!) - [The stress on this man's face.. Wow! As an aside, I had to see just what an "Otaku" was. It is basically someone obsessed with something, like bits of cardboard!]

Frank Thomas - Blue Jays - Jafronius (Wahoo!!) - [Man, if this shot been just a bit tighter, it would have made for a killer card. What a missed opportunity.]

Mark Teixeira - Braves - BoRosnys (Wahoo!!) - [I did not realize he played for the Braves. Even more, I didn't know know he had been a Dodger until I checked his page on baseball-reference. I am learning so much more by adding these snippets. i don't know about the rest of you.]

Jonathan Albaladejo - Nationals - Free Agent - [Wow. Judging by the picture on the card, you would think he was trying to fly...]

There you have it, folks! Congratulations to the managers who pulled players from this pack. Congratulations to the folks who are leading in the OOTP season as well! Good luck to the teams who are just out of first in their respective divisions. I'd really love to see something wild and crazy happen before the playoffs roll around. Guess we'll have to wait and see. Really, I just hope the Tribecards can keep it up and make it to the playoffs. I'm not usually very good at the whole 'fantasy league' thing.

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