Thursday, September 25, 2014

#PackADailyCircus #ootp - Season wrap-up, looking ahead

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the final day of action in the regular OOTP season for the PackADaily Circus League. Today, we find out who is going on and who is going home to lick their wounds and possibly get ready for next season's pack-busting goodness.

First, let's take a look at the teams who have CLINCHED their division:

Picadilly Division: California JoshDs with a 100-62 record.
Green Park Division: Missouri Wilsons with a 104-58 record.
Leicester Division: Pennsylvania NachosGrandes turning in a 105-57 record.
Oxford Circus Division: Alberta CaptainCanucks end the season with a 92-70 record.

Punto Obelisco Division: Virginia Dawgbones with a 103-59 record.
Lillywhites Division: New Jersey Hadsalls end with a league-leading 120-42 record!
Bakerloo Division: Ontario Kazis win with a 106-56 record.
Caring Cross Division: Florida Workmans take the division with a 112-50 record.

Congratulations to each of the managers for securing their places as the first-ever OOTP-based division champions!!  You will each receive a special bonus for achieving this landmark position in Tribecards history.

Gonzalez Stakes Claim to Fame, Hits .403

Adrian Gonzalez joined a very select group today as he closed out 2013 with a torrid .403 batting average. It was a fantastic year for the Minnesota first baseman as he became the newest member of baseball's .400 club.

During the season he stroked 250 hits, including 62 doubles, 1 triple and 32 home runs. Gonzalez also scored 141 times and drove in 131 runs.

Asked by the media what's the hardest part of hitting .400, he glibly replied, "Getting 4 hits in every 10 at-bats." Then, speaking seriously, Gonzalez added, "Staying out of slumps is important. You have to be focused in every game and in every at-bat. Don't swing at anything but strikes... and stay away from any pitch you can't hit."

The race to first isn't over. We have several teams who have secured wildcard spots in the playoffs:

Arkansas Tribecards
Dominic FDNYs
Texas PlayAtThePlates
Illinois Superduperman99s
Wisconsin Thorzuls
Minnesota GCRLs
Kentucky Quarrys
New York BoRosnys

Good luck to each of you (though I am pulling for one team in particular, as I'm sure you understand)!

Second to None: Geggus Wins Triple Crown!

Few men in baseball history have won the pitching triple crown. Charlie Geggus of the Ontario Kazis joined this elite company today when the season ended, officially making him the league leader in ERA, K's and wins.

Geggus put up a 27-3 record, an ERA of 1.63 and 340 strikeouts this season. He started 33 times, walked 76 and held opposing clubs to a .181 average.

Geggus is the odds-on favorite to capture the Ring Toss Champion this year.

On Sept 27th, we will see the first round of playoff action start. The first round consists of a best-of-five format. Which teams face off for Round One? Let's take a look:

Superduperman99s vs NachosGrandes

FDNYs vs Wilsons

Tribecards vs JoshDs

PlayAtThePlates vs CaptainCanucks

Quarrys vs Hadsalls

GCRLs vs Workmans

BoRosnys vs Kazis

Thorzuls vs Dawgbones

I am planning to do "broadcast recordings" of the games with "live look-ins." So, I will pick a game to record with my voice as something like a radio broadcast and while that game is going on, we should be able to do look-ins of the other games happening at the same time. Yeah, I'm not sure how it will all come together either. But, it should be fun! The broadcasts won't actually be live unless I figure out how to pull that off, too. I figure i will record myself, upload the file and share the link. We'll see what happens.

Stay Tuned!


  1. Wow... the Chicago Cubs finished with a better record this year than my OOTP team. I'll take it!