Sunday, September 14, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Draft time, finally!

Hey all! As you probably surmised, I did not complete the draft late Saturday night. I ran into a few issues and was getting too tired to keep up with mistakes (namely, my own).

Here are a few notes:

  • "Fred" Lasher" (Misspelled on draft as "Feed Lasher")
    • Obviously, I can misspell things like nobody's business! Though, "Feed Lasher" sounds like some kind of critter that might be found in a set of Allen and Ginter.
  • "Jack Hanrahan" vs "Jack Hannahan" vs "Joel Hanrahan"
    • Had a manager try to claim "Jack Hanrahan" but our player was Jack Hannahan. I thought, "Oh, I must have misspelled that, too." Nope. So, I thought, "I must have missed him in the draft list." Nope. And then i thought, "Wait. Is 'Jack' even Hanranhan's first name?" Nope, it's Joel. I was very confused at that point, as you might imagine.
  • "Josh Donaldson" was listed as someone's pick, but he already belongs to RJBreezes. I'll explain more about errant draftees in a moment.
  • "Zack Bornstein" was listed as a pick. That was just a typo on the manager's part. It had no effect on the draft because Zach had been taken by the time the "Zack" showed up in the rounds.
  • "do Rivero" (Tribecards) - I did this one. Somehow, I managed to skip the first part of "Armando" when I made my pick. Yeah, I got nothing there. Complete operator headspace issue on that one. As above, Rivero had been drafted by the time I saw my mistake, so no effect on the draft.
  • "Jon Warden" (Misspelled on draft list as "Harden") - Another Tribecards headspace issue. On the draft list that was emailed, I listed "Jon Warden" as "Jon Harden." One manager caught it. Thanks, Bo! You guys help keep me in check (and THAT is no easy task!)
Errant draftees can appear on the list when managers go back through posts to try and figure out who is up for grabs. I do not go back and assign players to their owners in the posts after a draft. In retrospect, though, I might take that on next season because it would help clarify things for folks who were just passing through and not reading posts in order. That would be a huge undertaking, so I have not committed to that one yet. Anyway, I thought I might explain how already-taken names sometimes end up in the manager pick list. Any names already taken or not appearing in the email I send out are removed from the draft.

We had TWO shut-outs this week: MySportsObsessions and Pedersejs had their picks gone before their names came up in the draft cycle. Sorry, guys. Nature of the beast. Better luck next draft!

So, here are the pics to go with the picks:

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