Wednesday, September 3, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Whoops, it's Wednesday!?

Hey all!
  I have no idea where Tuesday went. It came and flew by me without realizing that I did post a pack! haha, a goal for next season is to actually bust a pack of cards EACH day. Yeah, I know, I am probably the only one concerned about it. It's an integrity thing for me.

In any case, let's bust a couple packs. I have about a dozen 2008 Opening Day packs, so let's do a couple:

Jimmy Rollins - Phillies - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!) - [Oh, my. I forgot how red the borders are and how f-a-r a-w-a-y some of the photos were...]

Justin Morneau - Twins - gcrls (Wahoo!!) - [This is actually a nice action shot. The ball is just left, coming into the frame.]

Luke Hochevar - Royals - PlayAtThePlates (Wahoo!!) - [Am I the only that sings the "Royals" cover song* when I see a KC card? probably.]

Grady Sizemore puzzle piece - Indians (Wahoo!) - Trhdds (Wahoo!!) - [I don't think I've ever seen these. I now have a new insert group to collect!]

Dontrelle Willis - Marlins - Free Agent - [Wow. As often happens, I am shocked he is not already taken.]

Chase Utley - Phillies - Dawgbones (Wahoo!! x2) - [How cool is this!? We start and end with Phillies, but even cooler is that Dawgbones gets them both!]

Congrats to everyone who pulled cards here. I have to say that my favorite was the new-to-my-eyes Sizemore puzzle card. Very cool!

*KC Royals "parody" -

Let's see what else we can do here. The next pack of 2008 Opening Day:

Ken Griffey Jr - Reds - NachosGrandes (Wahoo!!) - [He was the poster child for UD around this time, featured on just about anything UD made in the baseball arena.]

Placido Polanco - Tigers - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!) - [If this shot had been even just a tiny bit tighter, it would have made for a much better card. The top borders are just too big.]

Jason Varitek - Red Sox - ThoughtsAndSox (Wahoo!!) - [How does my brain work? When I see "Varitek," I think of some kind of technology company name. I can't explain it.]

Eric Chavez - A's - Free Agent - [I've never understood the appeal of facsimile signatures on cards. Anyone care to explain?]

Zack Greinke - Royals - JoshDs (Wahoo!!) - [Of course, it's hard to think about "Royals" without thinking about the "Green Beans..."**]

Pedro J Martinez - Mets - ThoughtsAndSox (Wahoo!! x2) - [Oh so many Pedro Martinez players over the years... Okay, TWO, but still...]

Congrats to ThoughtsAndSox for getting two hits from this pack! Nice to see the other folks snag goodies as well.

**YouTube video of the Vine clip:

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  1. I've been chasing that puzzle set for a few years now and would love to trade for the Sizemore as it is one of the pieces I am currently missing. I'm actually contemplating buying a box or two of 2008 just to try and complete this puzzle!!