Wednesday, September 10, 2014

#PackADailyCircus #ootp - Standings and clinching spots!

Good evening, folks! I am posting this week's OOTP15 simulation updates. We have a couple doozies.

First, let's start with breaking news from the Dawgbones:

This does not look good for the mascot nor the team, though i have to admit, it is one of the funniest things I've read - if only because we're talking about the (fictional) mascot here! Haha!

Now, let's talk standings. we'll get to the actual screen shots in a minute, but first we've got teams that have clinched divisions and playoff berths!

The Wilsons have clinched the Green Park Division in the Blogger League, holding on to an 18-game lead over both the Maddings and MysportsObsessions.

Also in the Blogger League, the CaptainCanucks clinched their division, Oxford Cross, as they, too, hold an 18-game lead over the second place Chonks.

Over in the Wordpress League, things are a bit tighter. No one has claimed a division title yet, but several teams have worked their way into a playoff spot! The Thorzuls trail by 9 games behind the Hadsalls, thus guaranteeing a spot in the playoffs.

The BoRosnys are only 3 games behind the Workmans, giving them a spot in the playoffs. They could whip around the Workmans and steal the division title, if things go their way. The Workmans will be hard at work trying to keep that from happening.

 Everyone else is either too close to call or is so far out of the race, they could not show up for the rest of the season and probably see little to no change in their situation. It's been a rough season for several teams in the Blogger League like the Erins, the DiamondKings, and every team in last place on the Wordpress side. Better luck next season, folks! Hey, at least you will get some very cool cards, right?

Here are the standings:

Which teams are leading the league? Let's take a look:

Next week, I should be able to provide the interactive version (wait, did I say that last week!?). I will certainly post the entire league online after the season. The weeklies are harder to coordinate.

In any case, congratulations to the teams securing positions, especially to The Wilsons and the CaptainCanucks for winning their respective divisions!!  WAHOO!!


  1. It's kind of weird that Captain Canuck clinched a playoff spot and my Quarrys have nearly been completely eliminated and we have almost identical records. I guess it was just the luck of the division draw.

    1. Unfortunately. Much like real ball, eh... All about who you're facing.

  2. That whole fraud thing seems a little "Fishy" to me!!